Because I'm A Creator

BECAUSE I'M A CREATOR: Did you see that smirk; and a little line of worry; on my forehead?;

Did you see that smirk
and a little line of worry
on my forehead?
I hope you catch 
this plethora of emotions
building in me

Do you see me 
hesitating and fumbling
With my words?

Watch me as I choose,
filter, and mold my words
like a potter does.

A pen reviving meaningless 
letters into living sentences,
sits in my hand.

Like God watched over Adam,
I guard my words jealously,
polishing my pen lovingly,
because I'm a creator.

Do you remember 
God's reaction when Adam,
His masterpiece, fell?

That feeling still rises in me,
When my pen refuses 
to bring forth life,
because I'm a creator.

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