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Becoming A Professional Dj: Ideas On How To Begin

Being a DJ is one of the many things that get music lovers very excited. Imagine yourself playing for a large crowd, cheering at every moment a song gets changed, adding some reverb, and scratching at the music- all these look very appealing to upcoming DJs.

As exciting as it may sound, it is important to know some golden rules you must follow to be an excellent DJ. The meaning of the DJ is Disk Jockey, and the meaning is someone who plays or sometimes mixes recorded music at clubs, occasions like weddings, dances, or any social gathering. There is one thing you should keep in mind: Learning to be a DJ is NEVER an easy thing to do. Of course, you would expect that mixing music and adding effects to songs is something that you see many DJs do. But know that that is not always the case. Practicing the DJ profession requires skill and coordination to achieve the best results.

Learning to mix songs at perfect timing is of utmost importance for a good DJ, and placing songs at the right time tends to please the audience listening to your songs, so it is important to keep this in mind when you go to a social gathering. There are common mistakes that most DJs make that you might have noticed sometimes;

  • The DJ tends to imperfectly mix songs of varying tempos.
  • They frequently add too many effects like flangers, reverb, delay, e.t.c. and,
  • They tend to jump to the next songs at the wrong time.

All these mistakes are usually avoidable, but only if you understand why these errors are made will you understand how to avoid them. Before you begin to mix songs, you have to know which kind of DJ you want to be. There are various kinds of DJs, and they have varying aspects of the jobs they do.

1. Radio DJs

This is where the entire idea of "DJ" comes from. These types of DJs are usually known for playing songs on radio stations. They play songs in marathons and during radio broadcasts. The job of radio DJs is usually to maintain constant activity during pauses in broadcasts.

2. Club DJs

These kinds of DJs vary from club to club, and every club has different kinds of distinctions, so the DJs vary from what the audience expects them to play. These types are usually kept to keep the audience on the move. They perform long transitions of songs called blends, which make sure people keep on their feet at all times.

3. Mobile DJs

These kinds of DJs are very common everywhere. You usually see them at social gatherings like parties, weddings, anniversaries, and so on. There are usually responsible for setting the tone for your party, organizing the show, managing the crowds, or making announcements.

4. Producer DJs

Most people would confuse the term "DJ" to mean "music producer." This is not normally the case. A producer is normally a combination between music producer and DJ, and so when a person produces and plays a song on occasion, he is usually referred to as a DJ/Producer. Before making decisions on the kind of DJ you want to be, it is important to know why you chose it. Most people just want to be a DJ because they feel they are able to do any of the ones listed. But you should understand that every type requires a varied skill set, so take your time and sit down and think about the kind of DJ you love the best.

An excellent DJ realizes that mixing good songs is one thing, but connecting to the audience is another. How? There are many ways this is done, but the one that works most of the time is that they try to set the mood of the party by setting the right song specifically for that time. Of course, you would not like to hear a breakup song on a wedding day, right? Of course not. In addition, you could also involve the audience in singing along to a popular song, for example, momentarily pausing a song and letting the audience complete it. There are times when you would add effects to music to give it some feel and excitement. However, do not use it too much. The reason is quite simple: Placing random effects on a song would only make the song lose its quality, and it would make you appear inexperienced. The rule is to keep it simple. A good DJ needs to be comfortable with taking song requests from the audience and speaking to the microphone. It is usually not necessary to mix many songs at once because keeping things complicated would increase the chances of making mistakes, and little mistakes are what ruin the mood in gatherings, so you would want to avoid that.


DJs use specific tools for most of their workflow. Most of the equipment can be found and bought at any retail store. But always remember that quality is the key when purchasing them for the first time. Good DJ equipment is very important because it would last long, and most importantly, it does not have any problem during live music mixing.


Turntables are what you see 99.9% of DJs use. It allows DJs to play and mix records. With the turntable, DJ can adjust the speed of a song by adjusting the speed knob or just gently putting the finger on the platter. This action is mostly used to seamlessly change songs of varying tempos. A slipmat is also useful to DJs as it aids in manipulating the speed and pitch of the songs by hand. Usually, it is the twin turntables that are used to maintain a seamless flow and switch between songs.


DJ mixers are small audio mixing devices used especially for DJing. These types of devices come at varying sizes and prices. Cheaper DJ mixers, for example, have only two channels, while some advanced DJ mixers have 8-24 channels, and they come with features like faders, equalization knobs, effect units, e.t.c. The one thing that every DJ Mixers have is the crossfader. The crossfader is the two horizontal slide that is used to mix two sound sources. While this device is popular, however, most DJs prefer using software-based DJ Mixers to perform the task.


One cannot call himself a good DJ if he does not own quality headphones. A Dj usually uses premium types of headphones like noise cancellations, flexible headbands, and pivot joints so that they can monitor the music mix outside.


DJs adapt to new technologies by introducing software to their flow. Looking back at the 60s, DJs used analog turntables and mixers to record songs for audiences. However, these types of equipment are not that easy to carry around all the time. As technology improved, DJs switched to using digital audios, which are CDs and mp3 files. This makes it easier to import the record to the turntables. There is popular DJ software online to download, with paid ones that come with additional features.

Other useful items such as microphones, turntables, tables, electronic effects, samplers, and others are being used as an addition to their sets.


Practicing to be a DJ requires skill and good coordination to be very good, and being a good DJ is not about mixing songs aimlessly or unnecessarily adding effects to songs but maintaining a good mood for the audience because, of course, the purpose of playing a song is to entertain the audience. So make sure they remain entertained, and maybe, you will be a popular DJ in the field!

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