Poke the wood into the house and get the sweetness...Do as you are told; Poke the wood into the house of these busy creatures;

Do as you are told
Poke the wood into the house of these busy creatures
And get to be followed by swarms of them

All wishing to be satisfied
With your fragile but succulent bones
In this world of Luxury
And honey sweetness
Prices must be paid

Do not think it is all for free
The Honey and sweetness of Luxury are all with a money tag
Higher than you can bid
But hey!! we all want a sweetened lifestyle
Spiced with jam and butter of trips, tours and fame

Alas!The honey drips and
There they come with their barrels to suck you dry after you must have harnessed your way from the swim
And Oh!Lest I forgot
You do not remember to pay homage to your "Muktaar"
For connecting you
And when the flowers of your talent blossom
Feed his potbelly.

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