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Behind Troubles

Behind Troubles: How to control yourself in times of trouble and create good out of it...

I believe in life; it holds great things for me, you, and us. The universe sometimes brings forth what we focus on. When you focus positively, it pops a positive Gig; when you go contrary, it pops a negative Gig the nature of our desires needs to be in line with our focus; there's no way you can be a good fashion designer if you spend your time all day sing that means your desire and your focus are opposite. You need to state them both right for perfect results.

Sometimes we give excuses for not coming from a rich home, yes, but the amazing thing is, it is an opportunity to think your way through; no one will be accounted for your success. It's your success; it's your idea. Sometimes our success lies in our greatest fear; some ideas stuck in our minds are really the hit we need; not exploring them will only keep it stagnant just the way we are. If, after years of trouble and yet not learning something or creating something out of trouble, we've not faced it yet. Trouble should teach us to shape our thoughts.

Having done my research, I realized that the best ideas come when we are in trouble, so it's okay when you are in one, but it can only be okay if you create something unique out of it. If a mad can think of picking dirt to keep one place without scattering them, hanging them to his neck will show he is mad, then we too can create something amazing out of our troubles. We can only do that by not allowing the problems to affect our minds and thoughts.


The use of the brain established the rain of man" Bishop David Oyedepo )
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