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Best Digital Tools I Use As A Fiction Writer: Part One.

In my six months as a fiction writer, there are certain digital tools that I've been using that have been making my writing journey very easy. Especially when I sometimes experience writer's block.

1. Canva:✔️

This digital tool has helped me in creating flyers and designs for my content creation. I have also used it to do some design projects for clients in the past.

2. Grammarly: ✔️

This is what I use for grammar, antonyms, and synonyms. It helps me in writing clear and concise English.

3. Google Docs: ✔️

This helps me auto-correcting incorrect words. I also use it to share my documents where I choose the reader to comment, edit, or just view them.

3. Snapseed:✔️

This is used to edit my photos.

4. Inshot:✔️

This is used to edit photos and videos, create video reels, and so much more.

5. Blaze word pad:✔️

This is a special app that holds dearly to my heart. It's a free version that helps me write and convert my documents into PDFs. This is also used to extract texts from images.

6. ChatGPT:✔️

I wouldn't recommend it too soon for a newbie fiction writer, as this can reduce your creative flow. It's also important to use it judiciously.

There are so many digital tools I use as a fiction writer, but these are a few of them.

The Untamed Writer.

Photo credit: Dominate in the business tour, Lagos state.


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