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Best Friend

Being betrayed by one's parents sounds impossible until you fall a victim.

Being betrayed by one's parents sounds impossible until you fall, victim. My best friend, Dan, had always complained to me about his parents." If I were given a chance to choose my parents, I wouldn't choose my mom and dad, "These were his words every now and then. -I could vividly remember one faithful afternoon, Dan came to my lodge crying. What was the problem? His parents refused to send him money for his practicals, and the deadline was the next day.

I consoled and encouraged him as a good friend and his best friend. I had a little money on me, so I lent him some. It was just a thousand naira, but it meant so much to Dan. I gave him some foodstuffs to go home with since I guessed he must have no foodstuffs in his room. He rejected the foodstuffs, but he left with them after I pleaded with him. I felt so sorry for my best friend. Since we met at the departmental office during our clearance in year one, we have been friends. Fortunately, we were both in the same department, the petroleum engineering department. We are currently in our fourth year, with just a year remaining to leave the university.

After our first semester exams, Dan got a call from home that his parents were sick. When he told me about it, I doubted the possibility of that. And I told him my opinion; Dan told me that his parents wouldn't lie to him about their health. It was uncalled for. I agreed with him, but I still felt a bit restless. I lent him some money since the money he had wasn't enough for his transport back home. Dan thanked me a lot and blessed me; he promised to return during the weekend. I bade him goodbye.

I had just returned from the youth fellowship when I got a call from Dan. It had been a long time since I spoke with him, and besides, it had been two weeks since he left for home. His number was always unreachable, so I was worried about him. He had promised to return that weekend he left, but he hadn't returned. We were starting the second semester on Monday.

I picked up the call immediately; I heard faint cries. I called on him to speak, but all I heard were whispers. Then the call disconnected. I called back almost immediately; the call connected again, but now I heard two voices, and none was Dan's. I shivered in fear.

First voice: Are you sure he is dead?

Second voice: You know I never miss my target.

First voice: Okay then. I will tell Boss to transfer the money to his parents.

Second voice: What a poor boy.

First voice: it's so sad his parents exchanged his life for money. Let's leave.

Then I heard faint footsteps, and it was quiet again. I called on Dan to speak again and again. I was scared to my bones. Then the call got disconnected again. I tried calling the number, but it was unreachable. I slumped in my seat. Dan's parents had betrayed him. Was he still alive? This was the question that was on my mind before Dan woke me up. " Why are you still sleeping by this time, even on our graduation day ? " he asked. I laughed. It had been a dream, a bad one at that. I thought to myself.

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