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Betrayed (part 3)

Mike was both surprised and annoyed to hear from his father. A part of him wanted to end the call immediately and block the number to ensure that he would never be able to reach him again, but on second thought, he decided to hear him out. With a voice full of anxiety, he asked what he wanted. "That's not the way to speak to your father," Chief Agbaranze reprimanded gently. "Tell me why you called me, or I'll end this call," Mike threatened through clenched teeth.

"My son, I know that we haven't treated you very nicely. I haven't been such a good father to you, and I'm sorry. I am a father who wants the best for my children, and all those harsh words were only to push you to do better so that you'll be able to make something good out of your life. I'm sorry for pushing you away, my son. Please come home", Chief Agbaranze pleaded in a soft voice.

Mike could hardly believe his ears. He had never heard his father sound so soft and warm. He understood at once that he was remorseful, and his heart was instantly softened towards him. He promised to think about it and get back to him, and then he ended the call. Turning to Esther, he could not conceal his smile.

"My father wants me back," he revealed. "Really? Are you going?" she asked. "What do you think?" he retorted. "I don't know. It's your decision to make" "I am going. I am the first son, and I cannot run away from my family and my inheritance, especially now that my father has come back to his senses" he was full of excitement, but she did not seem to share in his zeal, and he asked why.

"I know I've always wanted you to reconcile with your family and all that, but I don't know why I'm not so happy about this. Now that you are going back to your father's house, what happened to me?" she was on the verge of tears as she asked. "Come on, Esther. I'll take you with me, of course. I won't leave you here for anyone. We are leaving on Sunday. I'll tell the boss about it tomorrow. Go and pack up your things", he prodded. She wiped her eyes and stopped whining, but she still remained taciturn.

"Baby, stop doing this. We are going together. Nothing changes, I promise", he assured her. He continued to reassure her until she forced a smile. The next day, after work, he informed the boss about everything that had happened and told him that he intended to go with Esther. He was hurt and unhappy that he was taking his head chef away, but eventually, he was able to convince him to let her go. He thanked him for accommodating him through the hard times and promised to come over regularly to see him. The boss gave him his blessings and wished them well. They had a hard time explaining things to the rest of the staff and bidding them goodbye. The rest of the week was like a send-forth for them, and on Sunday morning, while they exchanged goodbyes, Esther began to cry again. She hugged all her colleagues and bade them farewell, and then they left.

They boarded a cab to Chief Agbaranze's mansion. They sat in the back of the cab with their luggage which wasn't even much loaded behind them. It was a twenty-minute drive, and when they arrived, Mike paid the cab man, and they alighted. He led the way carrying their bags while she walked timidly behind him. They got to the front door, and he knocked softly. Damian opened the door, and on sighting them, he forced a smile.

"Welcome home, prodigal brother," he said with an artificial smile plastered on his face. "Thank you," Mike replied with a straight face and walked into the house. Esther followed him. He dropped their bags and sat down, and she sat beside him. Chief Agbaranze soon entered the sitting room, and on seeing him, he smiled broadly and opened his arms for an embrace. The two men exchanged a hug and sat down. Mike introduced Esther to them as his wife.

"She is beautiful," Chief Agbaranze commented. She smiled shyly and thanked him. He asked her a few questions and welcomed her into the family. As all these went on, Damian was sitting on a couch, staring at her fixedly. She noticed the stare and became uncomfortable, and on noticing her discomfort, he smiled at her coyly. Mike was busy conversing with his father and did not notice any of these.

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