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Betrayed (part 4)

Much later that evening, Mike and Esther retired to bed in his old room. He savored his king-size bed and the fact that he was sharing it with her. That night was their first time sharing a bed together, but for some reason, they did not make love; instead, they had a deep conversation. They conversed until the wee hours of the morning.

The next morning, they dined together with the rest of the household, after which Chief Agbaranze requested that Mike escort him somewhere. He agreed and asked for some time to get ready. As he left the table, he noticed that Damian was gazing at him with a jealous look on his face. He had always known that his brother did not like him and did not like him being close to their father because he wanted to inherit all their father's property alone. From their childhood, Damian had always been a competitive, envious, narcissistic person; he was unable to maintain relationships with people, and he rarely had any friends during their primary and secondary school because he was more concerned about being seen as the best than he was about keeping relationships. Mike knew all these well enough, but he refused to let it bother him.

He had a warm bath and pulled on a pair of clean jeans and a shirt; then, he stepped out into the sitting room where his father was already waiting for him. He called for Esther, and she answered him from the kitchen and told him that she was doing the dishes. She came out, drying her hands with a small towel. Chief Agbaranze asked her to go and rest and assured her that a maid would fix the mess, but she told him that she did not mind doing the dishes. Mike informed her that she was going out with his father, and she bade him goodbye and went back to the kitchen.

She heard them drive out, and then she heard the kitchen door creak; she assumed it was the maid that had come in to take over the chores, but it was not. Instead, Damian walked in. She was bent over, sweeping but as soon as she saw him, she straightened up. She was ill at ease; his presence made her uncomfortable for some reason she did not understand. "You can leave those things; our maid comes in around 10 am", he informed her. "I insist on doing them," she replied nervously. "Okay," he turned and walked away. She resumed what she had been doing.

Several minutes later, she finished the chores and went back to the room she had shared with Mike the previous night. On opening the door, she was shocked to see Damian sitting on the bed. She screamed and jumped back in fright.


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