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Betrayed (part One)

"You are a disappointment to this family! What haven't we done to make you become somebody, but you insist on ending up as a nobody, and you will! You certainly will if you don't sit up. Why can't you be like your twin brother Damiam?" Chief Agbaranze asked in anger and disappointment as he stared at Mike, the elder of his twin sons. "I don't want to study medicine. I told you that before", Mike replied defiantly.

"May the gods break that mouth with which you uttered that nonsense," he cussed angrily as he flung his footwear at him. Mike jumped back and managed to dodge the attack. He left the sitting room with anger boiling in his heart. As he passed the long passage leading to his room, he saw his twin brother, Damian standing there. He had obviously been eavesdropping on his conversation with their father. There was a look of pride and satisfaction on his face, which Mike noticed. He passed him without a word and entered his bedroom. Alone there, he locked his door and began to cry as he thought about his life.

Damian and Mike were fraternal twins, but aside from the difference in their faces, there was a huge difference in their personalities. In fact, there was no similarity between them. Damian was a brilliant, achieving chap who made straight A's right from secondary school. After secondary school, he got admission to study medicine at a private university while his brother was still struggling to get through the JAMB exam. After two miserable attempts, Chief Agbaranze, their wealthy father, decided to do it the other way. He paid a huge amount of money and got Mike admission to study medicine at the same university as his brother. He was admitted into year one while his brother was already in year three.

Mike tried his best to fit in and do what was expected of him, but he could not. He could hardly understand the lessons, and he got tired of being constantly compared to his twin brother. He had no interest in medicine, he had always dreamed of being a chef and owning his own restaurant someday, but his parents would have none of that. He was fed up with everything; the nagging, the bullying, and even the insults that Damian usually rolled at him. He was totally fed up.

Mike cried for a while and made a decision. He stood up and wiped his face; then, he began to pack his things. He picked a few shirts, two pairs of trousers, and a pair of canvass, his toothbrush, his cell phone, and his ATM card. He threw them all into a knapsack and left the room with a determined look on his face. He met Damian on his way out. "Where are you going?" Damian asked with an unsuppressed smile." I'm leaving," he replied.

"Are you serious? What about school?" Damian asked. Mike ignored him and walked away. He knew fully well that he was not concerned about him. Damian was selfish and narcissistic. In spite of all his brilliance, he was cold and insensitive. He perceived his brother as a threat, and he fought him silently on every level. He loved to see him on the bad side of their father, and the fact that he was more intelligent than he was an added advantage. He could hardly even hide his excitement on seeing him leave.

Mike stepped into the street with his mind made up. He had had enough of being a rich man's son and yet being constantly emotionally abused; it was time to be himself. He took out his phone and dialed a number, and after a ring, the person at the other end picked up. It was his friend Udo who owned a restaurant. He gave him a brief explanation of everything that happened, and he invited him over at once. He immediately boarded a cab.

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