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Betrayed (part Two)

Mike got to Udo's restaurant with a heart heavy with sadness. He refused to tell any stories...he did not want sympathy, nor did he want to be misunderstood and called a fool for abandoning his father's mansion. He simply explained to him that he wanted a job, and without asking many questions, Udo offered him the job of a waiter in the restaurant with accommodation. Mike was overjoyed; he thanked him profusely.

"It's okay, bro. That's what friends are for", Udo said modestly. He was confused about the fact that a rich man's heir and a medical student could abandon everything for a restaurant job. It all seemed like a joke to him, but he decided to play along. That night, Mike slept in a single room with about five other male workers in the restaurant. Throughout the night, as he endured the snoring and the stench from sweating bodies huddled together in a small foam, he thought about his large, king-size bed in his father's mansion. He thought about the absurdity of what he was doing. He could hardly sleep throughout the night.

The following day, he was made to rise from bed by 5 am. His day began with chores and errands. Around 7 am, he was told that the head chef had finished cooking so he could go and get breakfast. He went into the kitchen with dirty hands; he had been scrubbing the floors. He was wearing an apron and sweating profusely. He exchanged pleasantries with the ladies in the kitchen and asked for his food. A lady walked over and handed him a plate of jollof rice. The meal was hot and enticing, and it tickled his appetite. However, beyond the meal, something else tickled his fancy - the lady. She was dark-skinned and slim, and even though she was tying an apron, she was visibly endowed with a good physique. He was captivated.

"Seems you are the head chef," he began in an attempt to converse with her."Yes. You were employed newly?" "Yes. My name is Mike" "I'm Esther" "Oh, okay. I'll see you around", he took his food and walked away. He did not think too long before making up his mind to stay. She had captured his attention, and she was worth staying for. Later that night, after the last customers had left, he sneaked into the kitchen, and luckily he met her alone. He quickly asked for her number, and she obliged him. Without wasting time, he told her that he liked her, but before she could reply, a female worker entered the kitchen. He promised to call her later and walked away.

He called her later that night, and they talked for a while before she requested to end the call and sleep in order to wake up in time for the next day's work. They exchanged good nights and hung up. That was the beginning of a sweet love affair. At first, they tried to keep it hidden from the other staff, but after a month of sneaking around, stealing kisses in the kitchen, and winking at each other when no one was looking, they got tired of games and decided to make it official. Mike opened up to their boss, Udo, about the relationship, and he gave his consent but also advised them not to forget their duties because of love. They promised to continue to be dedicated.

Mike and Esther dated each other for six months, and throughout the duration, the relationship was kept platonic. They were always at work, and whatever little time they had, he took her to places they could talk privately. He was more concerned about knowing everything about her than having carnal knowledge of her. He told her everything about him but forbade her from advising him to go back to his family. Whenever she raised the topic, he would get offended and remain in a bad mood until she promised not to say it again. He told her several times that she meant more to him than his father's property.

One cool evening, after the last customers had left the restaurant, he was in the kitchen helping her to wash the dishes. He was wearing a singlet and a pair of khaki shorts with an apron around it. Suddenly, his phone began to vibrate in the pocket of his shorts. He thought it was his boss calling, but when he looked at the screen, it was a strange number. "Baby, a strange number is calling me," he informed her. "Pick up the call and find out who it is," she advised. He did as she said. "Hello?" "Mike, it's your father. Please don't hang up"...

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