Beyond The Letters

Understanding is a key thing...Amid the congregation, I sat listening to the sermon being preached. I acknowledged my weaknesses in some areas and decided to get better.

I met people who told me that I needed to work my way to earn approval before God. They shared testimonies of how they worked their approval into being and I saw reasons for them to marry that idea. Sincere in my ignorance, I followed their example.

I had imagined what it meant for one to prepare his heart and the idea that greeted my mind appeared to be the perfect answer. I only know how to prepare food but now I am expected to prepare my heart. Since it had to do with preparation, what more would be needed if not a pot? I paused to ask myself how people survive after preparing their hearts since I was set to rip mine out to that effect, and the word 'born again' popped up to address my curiosity. 

I couldn't wait to get born again too. I picked a knife and made some cuts around the region where my heart was located to get it prepared. I didn't live to tell the rest of the story. My lifeless frame lying in the pool of my blood became a warning to others who heard my story.

This paints a picture of how letters kill. There is an understanding that the world gives. We would miss out on the realities of the workings of the word when we assign our understanding to the world.

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