Birthday Love Quote

A poem to someone who will feels special about and make him or her feel blessed on their day

Happy birthday sweetheart
Wish you long life and prosperity
May your days be long 
And may you never witness the hardship

I celebrate you today 
Join the millions today 
That turns a new phrase today 
And pray for you on this day 
That all you lay your hand shall prosper
So you will not suffer 
To achieve in life 

Meeting you was a blessing
Loving you is a mercy 
You are a world's best friend
That has such a pure heart 
And so kind and generous
To a world best friend

May it grow every day
The love that exists 
And the name shall exist 
And remain forever
Till we grow toothless

A natural sister 
A natural lover 
That Allah use to bless 
A natural brother 
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