Birthday Massage To Mother Of Jesus

Happy birthday mother Mary...In my journey as a Christian, I have encountered God in many ways, and one of those ways is through our lady, the mother of Jesus Christ, who happens to be my mother, also.

I have shared those testimonies here several times; one thing I have agreed within myself not to do is that I will never formulate a story in the name of testimony to promote the already promoted God in my days of adversities, my days of the test, my days of trials, the days when I come one on one with death, when I gave up living for several times, when I never knew I would continue to be alive in those days, that was when I know how close Mama is to us, Mama Mary is close to us more than our earthly mother who loves us would be close to us.

For me, She doesn't only intercede; she acts, many are still confused about Her role in their life, but I want to inform you that the book of Rev 12 is not talking about any other person than Mama Mary

and in verse 17, it says, "The 🐉 dragon was furious with the 'woman'(Mama Mary)and went off to fight against the 'rest of her descendants '(me and you)all those who obey God's commandments and are faithful to the truth revealed by Jesus."

In this verse, it is obvious that Mama Mary is the mother of all those that believe in Christ Jesus; rejecting her is just like rejecting Christ; as we celebrate her birthday today, may she continue to intercede for us, care for us, pray for us and always hide us under her virginity mounts.

Happy birthday Mama Mary.

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