Birthday Wish To My Dearest

This is a birthday wish to my dearest childhood friend on her 18th birthday...

Hours elapse into days
Days elapse into weeks
Weeks elapse into months
And months fade to years
Then you add up a year to your previous years.
The years added accumulates and then you discover;
You have grown older than just adding a year to your years.
The years have accumulated and now,
The innocent childish moments we play street football
Mindless of gender has gradually given way to an adolescent stage.
A stage your brain starts accumulating histories of your past
And thinking about what the future might hold for you.
Unlike the years all we would care for as children were to eat, play and sleep.
Today is your special day dear.
You have added another year to your years
Unlike the normality of growing older, may your worries reduce
Having it in mind that God is behind the wheels of your life.
Let your Confidence make a way for you in all you do.
Wish you long life and prosperity.
May your dreams transform into a better reality.
It's your day. Enjoy your day.
The freshness of the childhood memories
Of playing street football sometimes makes me smile to myself
Seen with glory to God for how far He has and is still carrying us.
Hmmmmmmm!! How time flies
It's your special day so enjoy it.
Break the plates and glasses after every meal and drink
Don't use them twice, please.
Bills shouldn't be an issue to worry about.
I will handle it.
You can slap an army general.
I personally got your back.
Once again, Happy birthday Mimingu.
Cheers to your new age.
Always have you at heart.
Luseter cares.
I will never heart you less.
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