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Bitter Truth (part 1)

Bitter Truth is a story that depicts the truth about the reality of life...

Four hours later, he woke up, his eyes fluttering open, the sheets around him were damp with sweat, and he couldn't recognize where he was. When his eyes became fully opened, he realized that he was on a hospital bed, "how did I get here?", He shouted. Immediately, some nurses came to attend to him, while the other was holding a tray, another was checking his temperature, and she said, "Mr. Kelvin, calm down; you will be fine." Kelvin could be considered one of the most sought-after actors in the country. He has gained recognition for his roles in both blockbusters and independent films, as well as his philanthropic work. In the previous years, he starred as Jeff in the romantic fantasy movie "Red Flags," which ranks among the highest-grossing films of all time. Kelvin has been endorsed by many top companies both from within the country and outside. He had a sympathetic and empathetic soul with vast reservoirs of love and understanding. However, he has a reputation for being hyper-emotional, temperamental, and spiteful. He was involved in an accident when he was on his way to shoot a movie in Abuja; he and some of his management team were in the vehicle together when the incident occurred. His driver and management team were injured minorly, but he became unconscious after he hit his head on the glass of the vehicle. Immediately, they were all rushed to one of the best private hospitals in the state.

When the nurses left the room after they had given him his drug, he looked around his hospital bed, and he saw a lot of flowers, cards, cake, and numerous gifts in the hospital room while he was wondering about the people who could have bought him the gifts, a doctor walked towards his bed with some nurses following him, he told Kelvin that some people wanted to see him outside and he would appreciate it if he can answer them, so they will let the hospital have their peace. Immediately it was posted on his management's Instagram page that their favorite media star had regained consciousness; the majority of his fans within the state stood in front of the hospital, insisting that they wanted to see him and confirm if he was okay. After a lot of argument, the doctor in charge allowed Kelvin to see his fans so they could stop their rant and allow the other patient in the hospital to have their peace.

On getting outside, Kelvin couldn't believe his eyes; the massive number of people that came to see him was so overwhelming; even the nurses that escorted him were surprised when his fans saw him; they all shouted with excitement, and each of them was holding a placard with the inscription "Get well soon," Kelvin became so emotional that he was so short of words all he could do was to wave and smile at the multitude of people before the nurses took him back to his hospital bed. When he got back to his hospital bed, everywhere became so serene and quiet; he started to think about the scene that happened outside; he wasn't expecting that massive number of people to show him love and care that way, looking around his hospital bed, he saw the gift his fans gave him earlier, he couldn't help but smile.

Suddenly his countenance changed; he wondered if people were showing him love and care just because he was a celebrity or because he was famous and wealthy, or because of what they would benefit from him. He couldn't find an answer to all of his thoughts; an idea suddenly struck his mind; he decided to confirm whether people and even his family loved him for who he was or just because of his fame, looks and wealth. While thinking of how to go about the plan, a nurse came to give him his afternoon drug; after she was done administering the drug to him, he told the nurse that he wanted to see the doctor in charge for an important issue. Taking up her tray, she said, "Okay, Mr. Kelvin, I will send your message, just take a deep breath and relax."

After some minutes, the doctor came to meet him in his hospital bed. Touching his neck, he said, "Mr. Kelvin, I was told you wanted to see me; any problem?. The bandage on your head will be removed tomorrow. Are you feeling pain there?". Not at all; I want to discuss something with you; can we go to a place more private? Kelvin requested. Is it that serious? Dr. Phil asked. Yes, it is, Kelvin replied. After a while, Dr. Phil called one of his nurses to assist Jeff in getting to his office. After the nurse left, Kelvin started to look through the office window suspiciously, like he was trying to catch anyone spying on them; Dr. Phil noticed what he was doing, and he said, " Kelvin, calm down, the building of my office is perforated, no one outside can listen to our conversation, so relax feel free to tell me what the problem is."

Thanks so much, doctor, for giving me your time. Actually, I've been thinking about something, and I've decided to play a prank or rather a game on everyone; I want this to be a secret between the both of us, I trust you a lot, and I know you can do this for him, Kelvin said. Looking curious, Mr. Phil replied, "Now I'm getting confused; what have you been thinking about, and what's the prank all about?". Did you see the battalions of people that came to greet me in the hospital today? Kelvin asked. Yes, I did, Dr. Phil replied. Readjusting his seat, Kelvin said, "I'm just curious about the motive behind these people's love and care for me. I want to know if these people love me for who I am or just because of my fame; I just can't take that thought off my mind".

Youth of nowadays, you are just so funny, you have no reason to confirm if people truly love you or not, that's none of your business, you just do the right thing, even if people hate you, that's their problem. If you ask me, everyone loves you for real, most especially your mum; she has been calling me every split minute asking about you, Dr. Phil replied. Doc, try to understand me; I'm quite aware that people pretend to love you if they know that things are rosy for you, I've got millions of fans all around the country and beyond, but I want to test their loyalty, even my family member I want to see the level of love they have for me, I know I sound very weird, but I've made up my mind to do it, Kelvin said looking so sure. If I may ask, how do you want to go about this plan of yours? Dr. Phil asked.

Looking into the doctor's face, he said, "I want you to present me in a state that will make people think it's the end for me." I still don't understand you, Dr. Phil replied, looking confused. Maybe you would tell everyone that I can't walk, neither can I see, Kelvin said. Standing up from his chair, like someone In shock, Dr. Phil said in a serious tone, "How on earth do you expect me to do that? Thousands of your fans came here to see you earlier today, and they saw you looking hale and hearty; the worst part is that you walked up to meet them outside; the highlight of it is that you will be discharged tomorrow, and your management team has announced it on their Instagram page, your mom will travel down all the way from London to take care of you, what do you want me to tell her?, I don't think that plan if yours can work". "It's not that hard, you are a Doctor, you should know better, you can come up with an idea, like I developed a disorder overnight, something like that, you can do this, that I'm sure of if you want me to pay you, I would," Kelvin replied.

Kelvin, I respect you a lot, but what do you ask if I am against the ethics of my job? Why are you so keen on doing this? Dr. Phil asked. Don't worry, Doc; nothing will happen to your career; you have my words on that; I'm doing this because I'm really interested in testing the loyalty of my so-called loved ones even though I know it will affect my career, but I'm ready to take the risk, it's just for three months, Kelvin replied. After a while, Dr. Phil agreed to assist Kelvin with his plan, promising him that it would be a secret between the both of them; he warned him to make sure that his plan of his doesn't exceed three months so he won't destroy his career completely.


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