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Bitter Truth (part 2)

The following day, many of Kelvin's fans from different states were in front of the hospital, his families, friends, and colleagues too were in the waiting room of the hospital, they were all waiting for the doctor to discharge him.

The press was also present in the hospital; they came to give the scene of Kelvin's discharge from the hospital its deserved coverage. After they all waited for about an hour, the doctor came out of his office to meet Kelvin's mum, telling her that he wanted to see her in his office. Ushering her into his office, he said, "Madam, I'm so sorry to tell you this, but you just have to take heart; I've tried my best as a doctor to save the situation, but all to no avail."Doctor, you are scaring me; what's the problem? Kelvin's mum asked, looking confused.

Clearing his throat, the doctor replied, "Take it easy, ma; the thing is Kelvin developed a disorder in his brain over the night, and the disorder caused a restriction in him being able to see or walk. The main issue is that we don't know when his body will be back to his normal self; most times, the disorder last for years; although Kelvin might be lucky, he might get over it within months, Kelvin needs you now more than ever before, he needs your love, care, affection, and encouragement, with that he will be able to recover quickly". Oh my goodness, this is a serious doctor; I will try my best to help him, she replied, suddenly wearing a forlorn look on her face.

"Take it easy, ma, he will be fine; I will discharge him in the morning tomorrow; it would have been today, but he still needs to take some injections; I will ask the nurses to discharge the remaining people involved in the accident, they are all doing well now," the doctor said, standing up on his feet. Wearing a worried look on her face, she went out of the doctor's office to announce the sad news to his siblings and the management team in the waiting room. They were all surprised to hear the news.

Immediately, Kelvin's management team went outside the hospital to address his fans and the numerous journalist outside, telling them to be going back to where they came from because the person they came for won't be discharged due to some issues. Immediately every one of them got suspicious and insisted that they wanted to know what the problem was; after much persuasion, his manager revealed everything to them, and immediately, everyone became confused like a mouse in a maze.

After a while, everyone left the hospital, including his mom, giving the excuse that she had an important meeting to attend. The next morning, his mom came to take him home, Kelvin was given a wheelchair to use, and he asked the doctor to give him a very thick black glass to use on his eyes so people won't be able to tell if he was opening or closing his eyes.

After an hour's drive, they got back home; his mom instructed the gateman to keep all the gifts given to Kelvin in the parlor so she would unpack them later in the day. After his sister ushered him into his room, she left him alone there. While in his room, he overheard his mom calling an agent, telling them that she needed someone to take care of her disabled son. When Kelvin heard the word "disabled," his countenance changed immediately; he wasn't expecting his mum to use that word on him. Some minute later, his sister, Joan, came to take him to the dining table, telling him that it was time for lunch. At first, he was reluctant to go, but then he changed his mind.

While his sister was taking him to the dining table, he thought about how he was going to act blind and lame to his family without them getting suspicious of him; suddenly, a thought struck his mind, and he decided that he won't be too forward, he would allow them to help him with everything and sometimes destroy things so they would believe that he is truly blind. Getting to the dining table, he ate his food quietly, pouring some on the table and dropping some on the floor; at some point, his mom had to call their housemaid to feed him. Hearing that, he said, "Mum, can't Joan feed me?".

She is not at the dining table anymore; she left the house to see her friend, she replied, looking unbothered. Kelvin was so surprised that his mother could lie to him; through his glasses, he could see Joan sitting comfortably at the dining table, eating her food and at the same time giving his mum a sign that she couldn't feed him. That scene made him lose his appetite, so he asked the maid to take him to his room instead.

On getting to his room, he locked the door of the room all by himself, and he became furious about what happened at the dining table, "why would my mum play that kind of game with me"? He thought. Trying to clear his mind from that scene, he picked up his phone from the bed, and he started checking his social media page for the very first time after his accident, making sure that he did not mistakenly like any of the posts he saw. Getting to his Instagram page, he saw that a lot of his colleagues, friends, and fans tagged him on their posts, telling him how much they wanted him to get well quickly; in his dm, he had over 1000 messages from his colleagues and friends, different blogs posted about him, checking those blog comment section, everyone kept on talking about the amount of love they have for him.

After a while, he stood up from his wheelchair and slept off on the bed. A knock on the door woke him up; immediately, he placed himself back in the wheelchair to open the door for the person knocking. The person turned out to be the housemaid; she came to tell him that he had visitors waiting for him in the sitting room. While he was on his way to meet them, he could hear some faint voices coming from the parlor; with the voice he heard, he knew his visitor was Mr. Peter, his manager, and he knew the people he was discussing with were some of his managing team, "what could they be doing here?", Kelvin thought. Good afternoon Kelvin, how are you feeling now? He asked. Good, I guess, Kelvin replied.

Kelvin noticed that Mr. Peter made a signal for the housemaid to leave the parlor, then he continued, " Kelvin, I'm, or rather we are, concerned about your career; remember, before your illness, you had 2 TV series and five movies to shoot; currently, the producers are saying they want to replace you since they don't know when you will recover, we've lost a lot to money in just a few days of your illness, what are we going to do about that, cause I'm confused already". I don't know either; let them do as they wish, are you done? Kelvin asked.

Is that what you are going to say? I'm talking about your career here, your life?, Mr. Peter asked, looking confused. Please, I would like to be alone, Kelvin said, wearing a forlorn look. Anyway, I'm so sorry about your condition. Get well soon, he replied. Immediately, Mr. Peter and his other team member stood up from the chair and went out of the house. When Kelvin got back to his room, he thought about the great damage his prank would have on his career, but then he thought that his prank was just for three months and actors do take a break too. While in his room, he heard a voice from the sitting room, the person was whimpering, from the voice, Kelvin could tell that the person was a female, he could hear her saying "where is he?", how did it happen?". Kelvin could hear the housemaid trying to calm the person down. When the voice began to get closer, Jeff realized that the person was Anita, his girlfriend.

Anita is a model and beauty queen; she has won a lot of beauty contests, both within the country and outside. She has featured in print commercials for boutique chain collectibles and many other big brands. Anita has graced the covers of Complete Fashion, Mania, Genevieve, and so on. Opening the door of his room, Anita shouted, "Baby, how did it happen? Mom told me everything about what happened to you; I wished all these never happened, she said, crying. Don't worry about me, dear, I will be fine, he said, trying to pat her back. Do you want me to help you with anything?, She asked. "Not really." I will be staying with you throughout today". "Really, don't you have any commercial shoot today?". Pulling off her shoe, she replied, " It can't wait; you need me now more than ever before, in fact, I came back to Nigeria against the wish of my director, I just couldn't control myself when I heard the news, but now that I've seen you, I'm okay to some extent."

The both of them talked and gisted before Anita left his house in the night. When she left, Kelvin became sorry for his family and friends; he played on their feeling just because of his curiosity. All his friends and even colleagues have come to visit him in his house to see how he is doing. Kelvin thought of ending his prank, but something withheld him from doing so.


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