Bleeding Internally

This script is to tell that different people have one or two internal challenges they face though the fear might not shows to you

Impatiently await for things to change 
but everything seems remain the same 
then i feel ashame
that things needs to make a change 

i'm stuck trying hard to figure it out 
with which way to sought it out 
and make it sound loud 
but twisted thought in my head cause doubt 

the puzzle unsolved in my mastermind
runs tro to fro in my mind 
like unstoppable race
that no referee to blow 

can't shake this panic, my fear laughs at me 
and the power inside me 
that needs to be set free 
and my eyes is widely open 
yet, I still can't see 

outwardly, i'm keeping it all together
tired of pretending that things is in order 
and no one to give order 
so when will you notice when I start feeling better

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