Blind Revenge Part One (1)

Blind Revenge is a short story about someone who killed almost the entire family one by one at he later realized that it is Revenge Mistaken, in order word. Blind Revenge!

Abruptly I woke up from my slumber and looked at my watch closely; it did read 3:15 am. I carefully made my way to the lightbulb, turned it on, opened the door to my room, and found myself in the most bizarre and bewildering state I have ever been in. The floor and the building after my room were missing, the neighboring houses were gone, vanished, and the only thing left was my room on a breezy, endless field.

Suddenly, I saw a man with a terrifying appearance. I wasn't afraid at first. He drew closer to me while my gaze was focused on him. He firmly gripped my hand and declared, "Death is real" I tried to break free, but his grip got tighter. I wanted to scream, I wanted to call my wife, and I wanted to run away. Then I felt as if someone was on top of me; I could feel the stale breath near my ear. His grip was so strong around my neck that it was choking me to death. "Death is Real," he hushed in my ears and disappeared. The buildings instantly returned to their original locations. I quickly whirled around. I was horrified to find no one inside and outside my room. "How did he vanish in the blink of an eye?" I went outdoors while still in astonishment.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. "When will I have a new life? a life full of hope, a life full of love, a life full of positivity, a life with no suffering, and a life with a soul". I said to myself! This continued for several nights, and out of fear and anxiety, I could not share it with anyone. I was getting weaker day by day. There was a dark cycle around my eyes due to sleepless nights, and the attractive glow had vanished from my face. My family was getting worried about my depleting health. My elder brother had asked me several times about it, " Dr. Jamil, it appears something is wrong with you" I pretended there was nothing wrong. 

The next day early in the morning, as Dr. Jamil was walking down a hallway, he heard the rustling sound "Death is Real"! He was confused when he heard the sound "Death is Real" from behind him. Before he could turn around, the voice(Murderer) behind him pulled out a sharp serrated knife and stabbed him repeatedly until he was dead. I have been waiting for this day, "the murderer said, brutally stabbing Dr. Jamil's lifeless body. The murderer then calmly departed the scene after wiping the blood from his knife on Dr. Jamil's garments and carving "ONE" into his chest.

As soon as Jamila learned of her husband's brutal murder, she was so horrified that she suffered a severe heart attack and had to be hospitalized. The Police had been informed, and as soon as they arrived, they took control of the crime scene. After several days of diligent investigation, yet, the reason and identity of Dr. Jamil's killer remain a mystery. The following day, an old man entered the police station and said, "I want to see the DPO," he remarked firmly as he entered wearing tattered and filthy clothing. The old man in the rags was being yelled at by the Constable On duty, but the DPO overheard them and commanded them to let him in. I don't need to enter your office, sir; I'm only here to let you know that I know who killed Dr. Jamil. 

What! The policemen exclaimed, "Sir, don't take this old man seriously; he must be crazy, "The officers claimed. "You can give a detailed explanation about Dr. Jamil's murderer, right? DPO queried. Yes, I do. If you wish, I can even lead you to his house. The old man affirmed. DPO gave the order, "Okay, let's go," with an odd and surprised expression on his face.

End of part one (1).


No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher or author (Umar Ismail).


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