Blind Revenge Part Two

The police are currently working nonstop to find the killer together with the old man who claimed to have known the murderer; the old man was confused and couldn't locate the murderer's home as he claimed. As the police were about to deal with him, the old man suddenly disappeared! Officers were shocked and horrified!

At the late Dr. Jamil's house, his wife Jamila was about to leave the house after two months; she unexpectedly stumbled upon an envelope at the front door. She quickly bent down to pick it up and promptly opened it. A statement in the letter that is difficult to believe claims that "I know who killed your husband, Dr. Jamil, and if you want the information, be ready to receive me as a visitor in three hours. I'm going to pretend to be a lady, but don't let anyone know. If you accept, text "yes" to this number. "

Jamila initially objected but then believed that if she could get the information, she would be able to exert complete control over this unpleasant situation. Jamila was left with no choice but to send a text of acceptance and nervously waited for the visitor in line with the letter's description. Jamila is the only person in the house at the exact time of midnight when she hears a rustling sound behind her. When she turned to look, she was blinded by a flashlight and startled by the sound. The sound was harmless to her ears, then a handsome young man suddenly appeared. She was mesmerized by the intensity of his eyes, his flawlessly symmetrical face with a prominent jaw, and his lethal smile. His face was the kind that could turn many heads. He was two inches taller than her and had a powerful, athletic build. He had fair skin, and it felt as if his soul was shining through his skin. 

"Death is Real," he said timidly. Hearing these words terrified Jamila, and that is when his endearing appearance turned ghastly. His eyes turned into gaunt soulless eyes, his adorable smile got creepier, and his charming face turned into something horribly distorted. She tried to scream, but her brain got completely zoned out. "Who are you, why did you write to me, and what specific details do you wish to share with me? Jamila nervously asked. The other person's tone of voice becomes rather aggressive when speaking to Jamila, and he continues, "Did you know that "DEATH IS REAL?"

Jamila is immediately horrified at hearing the words "DEATH IS REAL" and tries to flee, but the speaker on the other side forces her firmly to the ground. She begs him to please not to hurt her as she beholds him with fear in her eyes, but the callous man laughs and mercilessly shoots her in the head. He uses a knife to etch "TWO" on Jamila's hand as she lies dead on the chilly surface with rainfall falling on her lifeless face. The police inspector was taken aback by the killer's identical method of operation when he arrived at the scene, and he also questioned why the killer was picking on this particular family.

Two weeks later, at a quiet bye-pass area, the same killer killed Jamil's eldest son (Yazeed) again, but this time, he didn't immediately flee; instead, he said, "It took me so long to find your family; and now I'm delighted that I'm halfway through my vengeance! I have to finish your entire family! He also used a sharp knife and carved "THREE" on Yazeed's chest. 

The end of part (2)


No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher or author (Umar Ismail).

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