Bloody Communion

Today I am bread; And you are wine; These are not the names; We chose for Confirmation; But what can we do now;

Today I am bread
And you are wine
These are not the names
We chose for Confirmation
But what can we do now,
my dearest friend?

I have fallen
With my pretty white dress
Into the redness that floods
From your head.

Here comes the priest!
His entourage and him.
They are donned
In dirty black garments
For today is a very special
The day Jesus promised
to send a comforter.

They held up rifles
Instead of crucifixes
And tongues of fire
are raining down
like the day of Pentecost

Worshippers run about
Hands in the air
Knees to the ground
Screaming and calling
On every saint
Ever known

I think of the apostles
Gathered in the upper room
We are waiting for the comforter.

We are gathered too
In a scattered of dead bodies
And moribund souls.
A red baptism by immersion
In our fluid.
Which is wine? Which is blood?

I take my bullet of bread
Without notice.
A screaming pain
Overwhelms me.

Then a silence as numb
as before-life.
It has come to stay.
Holy Spirit, is that you
Comforting my soul?

I struggle to know what next.
I am fast filtering faraway.

Would they have us dead
For communion?
I don't know. You can't tell.
You are dead.
I am but a little girl
And here is the first
Communal meal I taste

Our blood in my mouth
My bleeding lip
Between my teeth
Things have taken
A different shape.

The zeal of men have reached the sun
Bread and wine won't be enough
So today, I am bread,
And you are wine.

Holy Spirit, comfort my soul....
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