Bloody Hostel 🩸chapter One (1)

A young lad is being tormented by an unknown creature both in his dream and in his real world. He is faced with the fear of being killed, tortured, and taken away by the monster which gradually led to him doing that which he wasn't meant to. The unknown creature controlled his life and made his living worth hell. He didn't even bother looking for help as the creature gave him no option for that. He slowly and gradually let the creature take over that he loved even as much as he, his school, and Mrs. Lucy tried to stop this creature.

ITS ARRIVAL "I woke up from my nightmare. It was a dreadful sight to behold, even if it wasn't real. But since it was a dream, it looked so real. I tried all my best to catch my breath because the fear and scary creature were still in me. I thank God I woke up, and I wasn't in the weird dream, but it's still on my mind. Real fresh, like I am in a dream. What would have been going on in my dream that wouldn't let me be even in reality? Where did I get it wrong that my dream had to be this scary, creepy, and hair-raising?" Tom narrated to and asked himself as he ate his breakfast.

This moment was meant to be the happiest moment ever in his life since he would be resuming a new session in school. He is the type who likes school not because of the teaching but because of his friends and the number of people he would see and interact with since he is the only child of his single mother, but everything turned out to be a nightmare. The worst nightmare ever. This morning, Tom woke up in a different way compared to how every human does. He was sweating profusely and tried hard to catch his breath but couldn't as he gasped for air. His heart beats faster like he was in a marathon. Could it be so? Even if it was a marathon, why was it deadly? And he never knew what he was chasing or who his competitors were.

The first thing he did was to check his window like he was expecting to see something, but it was just the slow hollo of a branch of the creepy tree behind his window hitting his window slightly. Fear gripped him at first because the shadow of the tree looked exactly like the shadow of the creature. He quickly touched his chest as a sign of relief after seeing that it was just his favorite tree which had always been there before his birth. He loved this tree because it was like his second home, where he rested his head and often played with its branch. As he was about to sleep back, he heard the same noise again. This time he was already covering his whole body with his blanket. He could see the image or, rather, the shadow of the creature about to rip off his blanket, so he screamed aloud, but nobody came to his rescue. This was so real to him but as the monster (so would everyone refer to an unknown) took off his blanket, Tom woke up. This was a dream in a dream.

HOW POSSIBLE? Tom wanted someone to explain that. This is more like a mystery to him. He couldn't even eat his breakfast well as the food dropped from his mouth and stained his supposed uniform because all his mind was about last night, THE MYSTERIOUS DREAM. Mrs. Lucy, his mother, walked in with her plate of the meal, and she noticed the behavior of her son, the way he was lost in thought, and the manner in which he ate his food like he was abnormal, a person who drolls. Tom snapped out of his thought in quick multiple succession, jerking as he heard his mother call his name. His mother must have called him a number of times as a way of bringing him back to life. She asked him severally what was bothering him as he was too young to be thinking deeply.

Well, just as every child would do, Tom wanted to spill everything out but couldn't as he remembered the words he heard, "I'm coming for you and whoever hears about me." The sentence flashed his mind as if on cue, and this stopped his lips from telling the truth, so he concluded with, "It's nothing, mum; I'm fine and ready for school." No child wants to put his or her loved one in a fearful and dreadful situation, not even Tom. But will tom be able to save his loved ones from this horrific situation? Would he be able to keep it shut forever? Even he wanted to know this as something like that cannot be hidden forever, and the fear would increase more and more because of his age. He was too small to have experienced such a dream, but he needed to thank God for saving him and saving his mother from mourning.

Tom carefully packed his back and prepared for school. He did everything in a rush so he would get to school early. As he packed his books, he looked at his window, which was in a normal position, but fear still had a hold of him. He hurriedly left his room, wanting to cry because he was scared as the seeing of the tree only brought the memory of his horrific dream back to his head. "Why are you in a hurry, Tom. Won't you finish your food?" Tom's mother asked as she was busy with her laptop, and that was her business.

"No, mum, I'm not hungry. I'm okay with the little I've eaten." Tom said in a hurry and was about to leave, but his mother stopped him with her words, "Tom, wait! Come over to her. You can tell about the thing troubling you. I am your mother; I will always help you and solve all your problems." Her words struck a chord in his heart. He began to cry within but held his tears from falling because of it does; definitely, his mother would ask him desperately toll he spilled out the truth. Even as much as he wanted to let his mother know, he couldn't because it might come after her as well, and he loved his mother so much. So will all children. So, Tom shut up and continued his journey to school after he replied negatively to all his mother's questions and requests.

To be continued...

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