Bloody Hostel 🩸 (chapter Two: Attack)

Tom is already in school, he was a bit early as he wanted to leave the house quickly to stop thinking about the dream and the creature because the sighting of the house, his room, and the creepy tree brought back all he had gone through.

But that was his house. Wouldn't he live there anymore? Would he leave the place where he finds COMFORT and SOLACE? This was indeed too much for a little guy like Tom. I mean, where does he have to stay if not in the house. It's obvious that he won't be able to take good care of himself and his needs. His place of comfort and his paradise became the place of discomfort and hell for him. His best tree, which served as his playground, now has the shape and shadow of the creature he has seen in his dream. And the sound of its branch was that of the hollo of the man. Surely, the flashback of the dream would always come because the sight of his house is good enough to ring his brain to remembrance. Home sweet home is gradually turning into Home bitter home for Tom. The quiet and loving place is now the noisy and spine-chilling place.

Everyone noticed Tom's strange promptness to school. It was so unusual, but not to him. He needed to meet people, classmates to be precise, so they would talk about other things, and he would possibly keep his mind away from last night's experience. Ben, his best friend, made fun of him for his earliness to school because the Tom he knew would always come to school late and be detained, which Tom loves. Ben laughed at Tom, thinking he must be scared of another detention, and that's the reason why he came early. Only if Ben knew exactly what prompted Tom to come earlier than usual, he would have been crying for him instead of jesting.

Tom never minded his friend since replying to his usual jokes wouldn't help matters. Even as much as he wanted to tell Ben, he still couldn't as he didn't want Ben troubled or scared and probably get hurt. But the demon, or rather the monster, had more wisdom than a child-like Tom. Tom's plan worked out, but for a while, he wasn't thinking about his dream at all since his friends had brought exciting and interesting topics to discuss. This was a chilling moment for him, even if it didn't last. At least he would have a break from thinking about his safety, that of his family and friends, and about the monster or frightening dream.

Tom was enjoying their talk, but all of a sudden, he couldn't hear them anymore. He could see them talking but couldn't hear their words. Their mouth moved speedily, and they giggled severally, which notified him that their talk was funny. Their faces became closer to his, and their wide smile grew wider, reaching their ears. The classroom began to change, and the sun was lost as the room slowly became dark. He shouted as everywhere was dark, but his shout alone caused him to be lonely. He couldn't find his friend. He wasn't sitting either, but he was standing in the dark alone as his position changed. A lonely child in a scary environment. His heart pumped blood fast as he could fill his spine, detaching from his back. He could see the shadow of the creature on the dark wall, and he could hear its voice sounding like that of his creepy tree saying, "I'm coming for you and whoever hears about me." Tom pants like he was in a marathon, just like his dream. He looked everywhere to see if people were with him but nobody. 

Everywhere was as dark as night. He had no choice but to run for his dear life, and as he was about to run, he felt something tapping him so hard, and he regained consciousness. His friends asked him what was wrong, but he rather not tell. Claiming that he was fine and everything was normal. Ben concluded with a joke, and Tom didn't react. Ben noticed this, all his friends did, and they kept asking him what was wrong with him. Once his ears hear the question of why he was behaving strangely, his mind and brain bring back the words of the creature in his dream, and this result in him telling them lies as his heart beats faster in fear.

His friends never believed him but concluded with, "You can take a horse to a river but can never force it to drink water." So, they continued their chatting. In the middle of their conversation, when the discussion was getting to the climax, at the very peak of interest, Tom began to hit Ben's head so hard. And as he did that, he screamed aloud, like he had seen a monster. He kept hitting Ben on the head with his hard book, not minding who he was hitting. He shouted and said, "I will kill you. You can't get me. I must kill you." Some students tried to stop Tom from what he was doing, but he was stronger than them. They thought of another idea, and that was to call their teacher while other students beat Tom to stop since he suddenly grew stronger than them in strength and he would kill Ben, who was already unconscious.

Thanks to the students, the teacher arrived with the security officers, but they were late as Ben was already unconscious with blood gushing out of his nose, ears, and eyes. The teacher was with two security officers who held Tom and stopped him from continuing his demonic act. As Tom stopped, he began to cry and ask, "Who did this to Ben? What happened to Ben? Ben! Ben!!" Everyone was perplexed as to what he was saying when he was the one attempting to murder Ben. Tom struggled to reach Ben, this time for a good action, and that was to rush him to the hospital or probably do something hospitable, but he couldn't as the strong arms of the security officers held him back. He aborted his plan and began to cry and shout as if that was the only thing he could do at the moment.

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