Bloody Hostel 🩸chapter 3

SUSPENDED: Tom regretted his action. He never wanted to do it. Ben was his best friend and he would never hurt him. He confessed to the proprietor that he would never do such a thing but they turned deaf ears as she handed Tom's suspension letter to his mother, Mrs. Lucy.

Tom would nerve hurt a fly talk more of a human being, his best friend for that matter. Something must have caused him to do such, but who would believe. The student, teacher, proprietor, his mother, or even Ben? Absolutely, NOBODY! Tom cried as he didn't understand what was going on. His mother, as usual, scolded him and, in the process, hit him for his aberrant behavior. She knew that her son does not fight, and neither does he involve himself in a rough play that would result in the appearance of blood and the urgent need for medical attention.

The monster was in Ben. I could see him in Ben, he was taking out Ben's heart, and he planted his hands into his anal. He was doing that and was smiling at me. He didn't say a word but smiled with blood gushing out of his eyes as his eyeballs suddenly went into his eye sockets and eventually came out from his anal. He planted the eyeballs in Ben's body through his anal and put Ben's heart in Ben's anal. As he does that, he smiles wider and wider with his lips tearing and his eyesocket gushing out blood non-stop without an eye. I couldn't take it anymore, so I hit him mercilessly with my hard book to rescue my best friend, Ben. Tom thought within himself and recollected what had actually happened. He wished he had told the truth to the school proprietor and his mum, but that would have resulted in more problems as the monster promised to attack whoever heard about him.

He locked himself in his room and cried. He wished he could just understand everything that was happening, but he couldn't. He wished he could tell someone, but he couldn't as everything would worsen. He thought of his best friend, of how they had always played and had fun together; as usual, running tears would always be the order of the day since he was just a child. If he can't tell people about his problem, the next thing is to cry, and even after telling the child would still cry. Crying was normal, but not for this kind of situation, even his tears smelled like the creature, and the sound of his cry was like that of the monster. Everything in Tom's life was actually changing gradually. He wished everything would return to normal as it used to be once Ben recovers.

The next day, Tom was ready to visit Ben in the hospital, which he did, but after much begging from his mother, who grounded him after what he did. As he got to the hospital, he saw his best friend Ben, whose head had been bandaged. One of his eyes was covered.

Only his left eye, mouth, and nose, to which an oxygen tube was attached, were visible. He could see his friend battling for his life just because of him. He really felt bad about himself and couldn't believe that he had caused such harm to his best friend. He reached him and touched his hand slightly, and Ben noticed this as he opened his left eye, which wasn't bandaged, to know who it was. And as he knew, he screamed loud for someone to help him. Well, Tom was there, so he stood up and answered, "What's the matter, Ben?" Ben kept screaming for someone to help him. He called Tom a monster and requested for him to be thrown out of the hospital, which the security guards did.

Tom reached him, locked himself in his room as usual, and cried. He never believed that his friend would reject him. He was heartbroken, even if he was expecting that from the start, but he had to summon the courage to go. The hospital and his biggest fear were showcased. It was getting beyond his power as he was frustrated and needed help. His mother knocked severally on his door as she could hear noises of things falling and breaking. Tom was scattering his room. He was really angry and enraged. His mother used her spare key, which she had always hidden in a safe place in case of emergency, to open his door. She rushed to her son, holding him tight, but he pushed his mother away, hitting her stomach hard. She screamed out of pain. He kept on throwing his fist at her angrily. He beats his mother badly and leaves his room in the kitchen. He got a knife and was ready to stab his mother.

An eleven years old boy with a knife to murder his mother. He was losing his mind. Just like how everyone would do, Mrs. Lucy ran for her life, but Tom never stopped chasing her. He followed his mother, looking for her blood to split. Mrs. Lucy didn't know what had gotten over her son. She raised her legs in a marathon to save her life, but she couldn't move anymore as her legs became tiring. She slipped and fell, hitting her head on a stone. She was still conscious, but blood gushed out from her head, and she didn't feel the pain at the moment as her son was already at her front with the knife raised up to stab her. He slowly bent down and cut her right arm, licking her blood on the knife; giving a wicked smile after doing that, he went back home. Mrs. Lucy was still on the floor as she caught her breath, thanking God that she was still alive. She knew that she had just escaped death. At this point of relaxation, she then started feeling the pain both in her head and in her right arm. She groaned in pain, wanting someone to help her but definitely not her son.



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