Agony of the girl child...I was born with a promising future; but after my parent's departure; I was subjected to torture;

I was born with a promising future
but after my parent's departure
I was subjected to torture
under the grip of men
Being used by different men

I know am not a saint
if I tell you so you will faint
every night on the road
unhappy with a particular dress code

I lived a life not worth living
Living a life with a dead feeling
I entered many trousers just for money
Satisfying them even when am not horny

My life was so dirty
Some thought because of puberty
I became This filthy
Some said I can't marry even when am forty

This was not my dream
to sleep with men was not part of my daydream
talk less about sleeping with alhaji Ibrahim
or ever think of visiting Hakeem

God forgive my sin
I need to be free from this thing
Lord, please forgive my sin
because I need to have the next kin
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