Body Shaming.

Body Shaming: This article is about body shaming, like my mouth is too big, but did I create myself?

It's difficult to see someone who hasn't been body-shamed at least once in their entire existence. Very difficult, if not almost impossible. It could either be the size of their nose, their half-broken front teeth, bow legs, wide ears, or their dry skin.

Something that should be known is that those qualities in a person aren't man-made. God created them that way. I like to call it God's prominent qualities in them. When I was growing up, especially in secondary school, my friend's body shamed me a lot.

They would say my big mouth would be more than 5k if included in a slaughter market. They would say my mouth could house all the water in the sea. You can imagine! Did I feel bad as a child? YES!

But did I cry? NO! Because I knew it was the truth, I truly have a big mouth. But did I create myself? Why would someone mock the size of my lips I didn't give myself?

I am older now, and the body shaming hasn't stopped. It's not about my mouth now but about my body size. It's now Naomi; you are too big for your age; try to reduce. I am not saying it's okay to body-shame people, but we should understand that body-shaming is not going away soon. Even married women get body-shamed after they have given birth to children. It's now up to you to ignore it all.

All the hate words, don't let it get into your head. Don't eat like a glutton because people are saying you look like a broom. You are God's creation, and if God is perfect, then you are too. Love ❤ and Hollandia Yogurt 🍶.

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