Body Shaming Is Suicidal!

Body shaming is the order of the day in the society, many people have lost self confidence because of the negative comments they get from people day by day. Funnily enough, some of those who made such comments do not know the consequences of their words; they only feel to speak their minds, this is why you have to be conscious of whatever you say to people because we are humans, and bound to react to negativities.

Over the years, I've received a lot of negative comments, criticizing, and body shaming me based on the size, shape, or appearance of my body. There was a day I shunned a lady who told me, "this your body won't earn you respect or any admiration; I mean you're short and thin, better eat and get fat" I didn't let go of this comment because if I say I can overlook the comment, I lied! I will brood over it again and again when I get home, and it can reduce my self-worth. Immediately, I replied to her, "Thanks for your concern, but I appreciate my appearance, and I'm very positive about myself, I value my mental health, and I won't permit any emotional abuse from you. I would be glad if you don't give such a comment again, or else I will be pushed to say you're of no better and my look is none of your business". The lady could read the anger on my face; she left without saying a word further. 

Do you think I conquered this hard feeling at once? No, at first, I was sad, broken, frustrated, and depressed. I began to lose confidence in myself; I can't boldly say that "I'm beautifully made" then, but now I've developed an unimaginable love for myself; I love myself the way I want to be loved, and I respect and adore my body; hence no one can take me for granted or tag me what I don't tag myself. Your submission about me can never push me to do evil to myself. 

How can you conquer hate comments?

📌 Set boundaries.

📌 Speak whenever you're uncomfortable with someone's speech to you.

📌 Shun hates comments.

📌 Voice out to someone you trust when you're feeling bad.

📌 Be kind and positive to your body.

📌 Love yourself the way you are.

📌 Do things that make you feel good.

📌 Walk with people that make you feel better. 

📌 Be yourself. 

Importantly, while considering these previous steps, make sure do not body shame yourself, be contented with the way God created you; this is the appearance, size, and shape you need to carry out your purpose in life; if you need another body, God would have given you, you're wonderfully made. Appreciate yourself; sometimes, look yourself in the mirror and gush over your beauty. Those that are close to me can testify I love looking myself in the mirror. Just look at yourself and say, "wow, I'm just beautiful; God did extra work on me..." Take pictures, admire yourself, and say positive things to yourself. Nobody will call you what you don't call yourself. 

I am very sure that: 

  • You're beautiful/handsome.
  • You're awesome.
  • You're great.
  • You're capable. 
  • You're successful.
  • You're lovable.
  • You're unique.
  • You're the best.
  • You're responsible. 

I call you all these because I see them in you. What do you call yourself? What do you see in yourself

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