Bond Of Love

Alexandra was my childhood friend, we had been friends since we were six and we had always loved each other like sisters.

We visited each other, played together, and studied together; our bond was so deep to the extent that it excelled above our differences because, indeed, we were different. I was slim and beautiful, while Alexandra was fat, extremely dark in complexion, and short; and she had bold pimples all over her face, and she stammered while talking.

After our primary education, we were admitted into the same secondary school, and we were placed in the same class. We remained best friends and continued to be there for each other, or rather I continued to be there for her because she needed my support more at that time. I was quick to adapt to our new school and make friends with both boys and girls. My slim stature and elegant skin made me an easily noticeable queen, and before long, I was popular in the school, but Alexandra was unable to make any friends. Everyone seemed to avoid her, and they always made fun of her fat body and pimpled face and the way she stammered. I was her only friend.

My friendship with Alexandra continued even though I had made new friends. I thought I could still be her best friend and love her like I had done when we were kids, but time proved me wrong. It did not take long before my new friends convinced me that a beauty queen like me did not need an ugly friend like Alexandra, and I saw sense in it. I did not want them to start avoiding me as they avoided her, so I subtly cut her off.

She noticed that I no longer gave her attention, and for several days, she pleaded, asked questions, and even cried for our bond to be restored, but I was not willing to talk to her. One day, she walked up to me during class recess and stood in my way. "You.. you... you must tell... tell... tell me what I did ...did to you", she stammered. I did not know what to say, and while I thought about it, one of my new friends, Tom, walked up to me. He made fun of Alexandra's way of talking and called her a fat cow. He also pulled her hair and spat in her face. Alexandra's face clouded in disgrace, and she looked at me. She expected me to defend her. I looked away. I could not stand her gaze. She burst into tears and wobbled away, and my new friend jeered her as she left.

After school that day, I went home and tried to rest, but I kept seeing Alexandra's face and the expression of pain and disgrace on her face when I let her down. I burst into tears. I realized that I had abandoned a diamond while picking stones. The following day at school, I ran to her immediately after she arrived, and I knelt down shamelessly and apologized, and I promised to always be her best friend irrespective of the new friends I made. I announced to everyone that any friend that could not be my friend because of Alexandra could get lost for all I cared, and I meant it. Some of my friends dropped me because of that, but a few stayed.

It has been sixteen years now, I am married with two children, and I am a medical doctor. Alexandra also is married and is expecting her fifth child, and she is no longer fat and ugly; she has transformed almost overnight into a beauty queen. And guess what, all those friends I made in secondary school left over the years, but Alexandra has been here, she is still my best friend, and it's going to be forever.

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