Boosting Sales Through Storytelling

Using an ABC guide to building a successful brand as an example, this content gives an insight into how storytelling boost sales with the right content.

Mama Tayo sat at her well-furnished shop with one hand placed on her knee while the other hand rested on her chin. She continued looking at the shop that belonged to Mama Nkechi and how customers were trooping in and out of the shop, wondering why Mama Nkechi had more customers and made more sales than her.

After a while had passed and the customers reduced a bit, Mama Tayo drew Mama Nkechi aside and asked her the question that had been bugging her all day but not without Mama Nkechi giving instructions to the salesgirl to take over from where she stopped.

"Eh, Mama Tayo, this one that your face is like this, I hope all is well," Mama Nkechi asked, obviously confused.

"All is not well; all is not well at all," Mama Tayo retorted while contorting her face more as it reflected her emotions.

"Ah ah, what is it?" With folded arms, Mama Nkechi listened attentively to what Mama Tayo had to say with the utmost attention.

"Mama Nkechi, it's been almost a week now, and each day, I notice that you have a lot of customers who buy things from you," Mama Tayo started, but she didn't know how to arrange her words, so as not to look and sound like an enemy of progress.

"Okay?" Mama Nkechi probed further.

"We sell almost the same things, but I haven't had up to 10 customers this week, but for you, I noticed that you've had more than 50, trooping in and getting them too. Tell me, what's the secret?" Mama Tayo finally said her mind and waited for an answer.

Mama Nkechi laughed lightly for some seconds before clearing her throat and explaining things to Mama Tayo.

"My dear friend, even me, I am shocked because my daughter shared with me an ebook that she bought online last week. I was a bit angry with her because I thought all these online people were scammers, but I decided to read it to give her the benefits of the doubt and not waste her money. My dearest sister, immediately I started reading this book, it was as if I had a minor reset in my brain."

"What was in the book?" Mama Tayo couldn't wait to hear everything.

"The book made me see the little mistakes that I made and how they affected my business, little things that I know I should have done to aid my business but didn't because I didn't dim it necessary. Can't you even see that I dress differently now?" Mama Nkechi twirled round to further buttress her point.

"I can see that now indeed, and I'm telling you, you look like one big madam," Mama Tayo lightly chuckled as she admired her friend.

"I was eager to implement what I learned in the book, and that's the result you are seeing. More customers and people now address me with respect because of the way I dress, too," Mama Nkechi ended her explanation.

"Eh, but Mama Nkechi, share this book with me now so that I will make sales too," Mama Tayo pleaded.

"It's not as if I don't want to share the book with you, oh but tell Tayo to get it for you; that way, you will value it more," Mama Nkechi retorted.

" I see; so, what's the name of the book, and how can he get it for me?" Mama Tayo was very ready to take new steps to expand her business.

"The name of the book is AN ABC GUIDE TO BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL BRAND by Grace Ekum Ayang, and he can come and meet me so I'll tell him how to get it; it's just 1500. I'm telling you, that girl is good. She may not know everything but the little she knew; she shared it with the world. I'm telling you, get yours now, oh. Wait, let me attend to that, my customer," Mama Nkechi said and left the company of Mama Tayo.

Mama Tayo quickly picked up her phone and called her son.

"Hello, Tayo, come to the shop now, there's something you have to do for me now, and Mama Nkechi will show you the way," Mama Tayo said, anticipating the day she'll start experiencing massive sales.

Who do you want to be, Mama Nkechi or Mama Tayo? Take that step today, and it will all be worth it. Follow me for more articles 😊

I remain your favorite writer and storyteller πŸ˜‰πŸ€²

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