Born Of A Farmer

The call to serve the land...I am born to be a farmer's son; By the power conferred by nature.

I am born to be a farmer's son
By the power conferred by nature.
Predestined I am made the friend of soil
Provided with little or no period for leisure.
Profusely I would sweat under the harsh sun
Gathering food into the basket of the nation.

I was told life in the farm is never an easy one
One should have been awake even before the cock crows.
I should not be afraid of how feeble I might become
Because as a farmer,a good amount of energy must 'flow.
I should endeavour not to rest until I'm done
For after paying that price,then I will be good to go.

Every morning as I get drenched by the dew on leaves
Effortlessly,I would wish I stayed in a city. 
But I found no other means by which to live
For if I don't farm,how can I sustain a living.
Silently,I could notice the lapse in my breathe.
Give up and end it,my mind keeps singing 

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