BOY is written to describe to parents, the growth stages and attitude expected of a male child.

Junior is trained to grow into a responsible adult by doctrine. It will expose parents to how a young boy approaches life at different growth stages. The other part of the story describes how the nemesis caught up with Lasan, a student doctor at Nicolai Hospital, and Maalo, 'the boss' a disguised lunatic, sharpshooter, and kidnapper. They form a team of six members who, by an oath, devoted their lives to inflicting evil on the poor and the average surviving families by stealing to sell their children and causing unrest in their society. Any person who traced their activities, they killed. The prevailing regime was their target to disrupt. Society deployed all the available modern consultation patterns to find them because they had hidden behind a working system until nature picked them out, one after the other, taking them out via their nemesis.

The awful team injured Pete's family. The members of the family employed the four consultation patterns that prevailed in the developing Southwestern, Third-World, and the modern Western world societies of the 21stcentury, with their cultural diversity, to avenge their enemies.

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Paperback: ‎193 Pages

(March 19, 2021)

Language: ‎English

ISBN-10: ‎1954004540

ISBN-13: ‎978-1954004542

BMGN Global Library: Fiction (Coming of Age).


Aunty Ariike: She is Pete's younger sister; she had an arrangement with him to receive his children to herself so that they might study in the UK. Junior resumed schooling at the University of Manchester as a foreign student, and Ariike, being the only black lady and Nigerian that worked in Zucker BG Optical Clinics of Manchester, was connected to Alan and former ASP Nima as friends. She could enter places to make a request for whatever she wanted. Ariike was the guardian that her nephew had in the UK to identify with.

She hijacked the responsibility of delivering a crime suspect to the government through the force for punishment to avenge the deed done to her family and wanted justice for her nephew.

At a time, Ariike was worried and complained to her female friend Laura after they had both checked on Junior for the first time on the University premises about his trauma experiences that troubled him. She identified with him in the UK as his guardian.

Ariike arranged with Alan, the Optometrist and colleague at work over her nephew's eye surgery to be booked with the clinic, but Laura, her friend, cut in and advised Hypnosis to be able to know how and where the nephew was inflicted. Most times, she observed Junior well to see that he didn't take up the habit of an unreasonable and irresponsible adolescent as he grew up around her.

She was startled at the news that after Junior's six years stay in Manchester, UK; he could return home to Nigeria and trace the man that bears the name mentioned to them at hypnotherapy in the UK when they both visited.

Ariike's friend and former ASP, when in Nigeria and now based in the UK, advised them to report the matter to the Police and follow it up. She has always been helpful to the entire family back home; she helped the members by sending relief in the form of accessories and tokens of money to them in Nigeria from time to time. Being the only black lady that worked in the Zucker BG Clinics, she was so noticed by Nima, who was another Nigerian dealing with the clinic through the Community Caregivers Service.

Mama hailed Ariike in their local dialect singing her adulatory songs any time she was called because Ariike's help was regular to the family. She is based in Manchester, UK, and acts as Juniors Guardian even though his parents are alive. Being an Aunt and older to the boy, she took the matter up from her nephew to deal with Gbenro through the force and the Law.

Mr. Pan: He is a physics teacher that mentored students and influenced his mentors as their tutors. Pan mentored his supervised student to win his school's Sci-fi contest, was a physics teacher that encouraged his student to take up the school's science contest challenge, he gave provided the Machine Manual, and mentored the boy he mentored to excel.

The Intro-tech Master tipped Mr. Pan and his mentored student pointing out that they could work together and do something great, and they did! Mr. Pan was the one who hired the materials needed for the project for the boy; he joined him in assembling the gadgets on the day of the presentation. He was honored with the boy as the Principal promised. People have been looking forward to a day that Mr. Pan would be decorated like this. He won the contest together with the boy and was hailed by all that attended to cheer them up as PAN-KE-RE. Through his mentorship and win, his mentored boy got a new nickname as PAN-KE-RE -JUNIOR!

Pete: was Ariike's elder brother. He wedded Lanle as his wife, went with her to scan having conceived, and was disappointed to hear that his wife's conception was mere fibroid. He was shocked but encouraged his wife to be strong. Their Pastor addressed him to look out for the miracle that would come next. Having run out of pocket, he was the one that received the money that Pastor Taiwo gave them for the last scan before the miracle took place. His Baby boy was named after him, and so nicknamed Junior. They were happy to have a boy as their first child. Pete family trained their son in Christian life doctrine.

He went to Ila-Orangun in Osun to inform his mother of the attack on his family. He made Mama understand that his family was inflicted, and it reflected on his son Junior. After the incident, Pete used his position as the elder brother and head of the family to arrange his son's stay with his younger sister in Manchester, UK, because of the fear that Junior might grow blind if he didn't find a retained maintenance to his eyes health. Aunty Ariike hijacked the responsibility of delivering the crime suspect to the government for punishment in place of Junior's parent. Try to know a person ooo! ………! Dododawa: The boy who was involved in the Wildwood warm horror, a pandemic that kills. Meet the other characters as you come along with me.

Author Bio.

Author Opeyemi PETER Odeseyi Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC, is a young man who delights in storytelling, Yoruba Language translation, and creative writings. He was born in the late 70s into the family of Late Mr.Ajani Patrick Odeseyi in a clan of Áké town, Ẹmẹẹrẹ in Abeokuta South Local Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria. He studied Marketing and Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. He is a lover of God and upholds Biblical and moral principles. He is industrious and easygoing.

Peter's lifelong passion for creative writing metamorphosed into sustained writing, thereby driven through his Storytelling gift, Yoruba Language translation, researching on issues that border around Lifestyle, thus the birth of this story 'BOY' among his stories. He translated stories and literature from the English language to the Yoruba language and now writes to sensitize and encourage parents to take note of changes that evolve in the developmental stages of a boy child, thereby fixing him up from time to time. The intriguing story exposes two sides of his environment, behavior, achievement, and opportunities.

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