Owoeye Joshua 1 year ago
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Broken Homes

Broken home, shattered glass; Everyday fights; Our neighbors delight; Daddy' s yells;

Broken home, shattered glass,
Every day fights,
Our neighbors delight.
Daddy yells,
Mummy's screams,
No points were made,
Rather a contest for whose voice reigned supreme.
Daddy swore,
With a thousand disses,
Mummy curse,
With a thousand hisses,
No point was made,
Only scoring mark,
For who is better at playing blame games?
So sad the children watch,
The only audiences with consistency,
The others are behind the walls,
Clinging dearly to it with stretched ears,
Waiting to hear the next punchline for today's gossip.

©️ Slymjoshcreativès

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