Brothers Dark Side

Brothers' dark side: Don't depend on anyone. Sometimes we ought to fight for ourselves.

We boarded the old crickety bus shouting Owerri... Owerri. I sat down deep in thought; that was my first time leaving home, away from my mom and sisters. Since dad died, everyone has been trying to make ends meet. When we got to Owerri, brother Austin who happens to be my older brother took me to his home. It's a modern building with four occupants. A one-room apartment each, he opened the door to his apartment, and we got inside, it wasn't well furnished, but I liked it anyway. I was so tired and hungry; he prepared jollof rice, and I ate to my satisfaction and then slept off. Like I felt freedom, but somehow, I still miss home. At 6 am the following day, I woke up, and brother Austin was already up boiling water " Oh are you going out? I asked " Yeah, we are both going out; I need to get you some stuff," he said. I immediately got down from the bed and brush my teeth. He took his bath; I took mine together we left for the market. He got me so many things; I was very happy, when we got home I unpacked all the stuff and arranged it very well while doing that I heard a voice behind me "Look here Davida, I don't want to see you with anyone whether in this compound or anywhere if you don't have anything doing you better go to bed".bro Austin said, he opened the door and walked out.

I wasn't sad because I thought he was going to be keeping me company and we would go out every day, but I was wrong, he kept on leaving the house every day; I felt very lonely, not allowed to associate with anyone and the people were very nice to me. I fell sick, and brother Austin wasn't home; I took garri on a plate with sugar added to it; I wasn't hungry, but my chest was hot, and I just needed something to cool it off. I came out and sat by the door, taking the garri with pains written all over me. Nneoma, Junior, and David the three kids in the compound were all playing, I just loved watching them play. Nneoma, who was three years old girl and very observant walked up to me. "Aunty Davida, why are you sitting down there. I was surprised how this little girl noticed something. I smile at her to clear off her mind. But she kept on staring at me. When I can't take the pain anymore I walked inside the house. A little while after the gate was opened Nneoma's mother came inside; she ran speedily to her mother whispering something to her; I sought of heard it because she was a little bit loud. "Mummy aunty Davida was sitting down here, she was taking garri maybe she is hungry, and her eyes are red like someone she has been crying." "Where is Davida Nneoma's mom asked."

Davida... Davida, she called, without waiting for a response, she walked straight to my room. "Good evening ma", I greeted her "Why didn't you tell me that you are hungry she asked. I wasn't surprised by the question because I overhead the conversation. "I wasn't hungry; I just had a slight fever. I told her. "Have you taken drugs" "No, my brother is not yet back? She quickly ran into the house and came out with drugs, she gave them to me. "Take this one immediately before your brother comes back. "I thanked her very much; I took the medicines and entered the house.

A little while brother Austin came back; he was angry maybe business was bad. I didn't bother telling him about the illness, I hope to be ill again. But I was wrong the next morning I woke up my head was aching me badly; I don't know how to hide this anymore "Bro Austin, I'm feeling feverish. "Don't tell me that trash, he yelled at me. I'm thinking of the whole birds I am losing, and you are here telling me you are sick". I was shocked; I didn't expect this from him, as he is my brother. I lay back there with tears all over my face.

A little while he came back out of guilty conscience. "Davida, let's go out and get you some drugs. I stood up and followed him, we get to the drug store, and he told me to table my problems to the chemist, and after getting the drugs we went back home. It's been two now since I left home and bro Austin is not keeping his promise. He promised to send me to a fashion school as soon as I get here but nothing has changed. I wasn't allowed to go out and look for a job, reasons best known to him, he even told me straight to my face that he is planning to open up a foodstuff business with me as a salesperson.OH!! How can my brother be so cruel to me, I cried every day and pray to God for my brother to change but he didn't. I was very tired of staying at home.

Early the next morning, brother Austin left, I picked up my cell phone I was a little bit ashamed calling my classmate in Portharcourt because she thought I have already started the fashion school. But when you need something you've got to be humble. I called her, she is a shoe dealer, she sells a variety of shoes and flip-flops, we made a deal I became her online advertiser. Once it is sold I got my commission, I was doing this without the notice of brother Austin. I saved up a lot of money although it took me some months to achieve that. Brother Austin was busy planning for his food stuff business I was looking forward to my fashion school. When everything was all set and done, I opened up to him, he was very angry he requested for the money to be handed over to him which I bluntly refused. When I saw how adamant he was, I quickly ran out of the house to the home of a close relative. I table everything to her, and she was greatly disappointed in brother Austin. I had to call mom and explain everything to her; she was heartbroken. Early the next morning, aunty, Lisa took me to the fashion school, and I was enrolled. Finally, my sun rose.

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