Bruised Love

A true love experienced by a young man only for it to be stolen by death...It's the memories of little things that keep my mind up on you;

It's the memories of little things that keep my mind up on you
The rays of your smile travel right into my heart
The thoughts of your funny quirks take the shiver away
I can only imagine how much more you could have offered 

The raindrops on those chilly evenings out remind me of you
You bring serenity in the raging storm
Your consistent push to be better humbled me
Your early morning whispers sounded more beautiful than the birds by my window.

And now you are 6 fits away from here yet alive in my heart
Waiting for somebody at the only place you won't see them anymore 
It's funny how I still hear your laughter in my head when I know you're in safe haven
In my opinion, you left rather too early 

I still cry sometimes; I believe I'll heal some day soon
Or maybe you'd come back and say to me, "It's just April fool's day."
Though sadly, it's not April yet 
You've finally gone yonder, my love 💔
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