Joy Chima 9 months ago

Building Trust With Parents

Children need to work hard to earn their parents' trust...Building trust with your parents involves consistent, respectful, and responsible behavior. Here are some ways to gain their trust:

Open Communication: Share your thoughts and feelings honestly with them.

Follow Through on Commitments: Show that you can be relied upon to do what you say you will.

Be Responsible: Take on responsibilities at home and in your personal life.

Respect Their Rules: Show respect for their boundaries and rules, even if you may not always agree with them.

Be Honest: Always be truthful, even if it's difficult.

Show Empathy: Understand their perspectives and try to see things from their point of view.

Demonstrate Accountability: Own up to your mistakes and take steps to rectify them.

Show Appreciation: Express gratitude for the things they do for you.

Demonstrate Independence: Take initiative and show that you can handle responsibilities on your own.

Seek Guidance: Ask for advice and involve them in decisions, especially important ones.

Respect Their Privacy: Treat their personal space and belongings with respect.

Maintain a Consistent Behavior: Be reliable and consistent in your actions over time.

Remember, trust takes time to build, so be patient and persistent in your efforts.

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