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Bundle Of Joy

If we probably had other children, maybe we would have reacted to the news in a different way, but as we didn't, our actions are quite justifiable.

Marriage isn't supposed to be a rosy ride; it didn't have to be bumpy either, we just wanted to be in between, but the failure of conceiving Five years after marriage made it harder to do so. I have noticed my wife smiles brighter now, her skin glows more now, and she is more approachable to speak with now. The news has made Bukola, my wife, happier. "My Love, would you like to have dinner now?", She asked, sticking her head out of the kitchen window. 

I replied in the affirmative as I dropped the hand trowel I was using in our balcony garden and matched it into the house. I only got to eat together with Bukola when we were a newlywed couple. After about six months, all the optimistic qualities she possessed vanished into thin air. I wouldn't blame her, though; the pressure was too much." You would love this meal; I prepared it with all the fresh ingredients it needed," she replied as she laid the table. Soon, we settled down to eat a meal I hadn't had from my wife for a long time. It was catfish banga soup and soft starch. As I took the first swallow, I realized how much I had missed this calmness, love, and care in my marriage. 

"So, have you thought of a good name yet?" she inquired as she licked the droplet of Banga soup that ran down her arm. " Bukky, the baby is just two months old; there is still time to come up with something," I replied. "Well, it wouldn't be a waste to start preparations now, would it?" she asked again, smiling. I wasn't used to this side of Bukola. She was now so beautiful, cheerful, and had a special kind of energy; I was falling in love with Bukola, my wife, all over again. That night, I made it a point of duty to especially thank God for the gift of a child. For blessing Bukola and me with the fruit of the womb, something we desired for so long, something that almost broke our marriage. I still recall how my mother used to say harsh words to Bukola just because she was unable to carry a child. It will all be a different story soon. 

A child is truly a Golden gift from God because it is one of the most important things in life money cannot buy. Nothing beats the presence of a child directly from your blood, and the change in Bukola testified to this claim. I pushed the shopping cart as Bukola dumped an item each of every item she saw lying on the shelf. According to her, as a first-time parent, everything was needed. It was fun shopping for the baby with Bukola; she was eight months gone by this time. She refused me to do any online shopping because she wanted us to bond together while doing it ourselves, and we truly did. We had fun shopping; a kind stranger even offered to pay for some baby items when Bukola blurted out to him that we were having our first child. 

I watched Bukola glow throughout her pregnancy journey; it gave me great delight getting her pregnancy cravings, we even made a belly cast, and Bukola had requested we wait for the baby's arrival before painting it. We were both ready for this child; I especially was more than ready, I couldn't wait to meet the little God sent that brought happiness back into our lives, and with that, I vowed to love the child unconditionally. "Have you thought of a name yet?" she asked as I rubbed her protruding tummy. " Yes, I have. I am not telling you now, though", I teased. She laughed loudly, and I had to urge her to reduce the sound of her voice as it was already late, deep into the night. "I am certain you would be a great Dad, the best any child would ever have," she responded. " And you will be the best mummy, my bukky," I said, giving her nose a peck.

It was that same night Bukola went into labor. She didn't scream; she didn't panic; she was just there on the floor, crying silently. I jumped out of bed, grabbed the maternity bag and my car keys, and helped Bukola into my car. I had never been more confused, never been more worried in my entire existence. Bukola lay in the back seat of the car crying, with thick blood dripping down her fair thighs. Oh Lord, please, please, please, and please, I continued praying, hitting the sterling at intervals. I arrived at the hospital, and Bukola was quickly carried into the emergency ward, and I was made to wait outside. One hour. Two. Three. Four. And then Five. 

Only for the nurse to come outside and give me the most heartbreaking news. There was a complication, and when there was doubt, my wife had asked them to save her baby as there could be only one survivor. With tear-stuffed eyes, I took my baby from the nurse. It was a male child. This was the child that I thought would bring me Joy, but instead, he took the one thing that made absolute sense to me. I instantly hated the child. I hated the one thing that took Bukola's life from me. "It would have been you; you should have died in the place of my wife," I cried out. "Your name shall be called Gedeon ."Gedeon means Destroyer. Truly you are a destroyer of the once perfect picture I painted.

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