Buried Affection

A story that unveils the importance of living life in the right way...I didn't realize how carried away I was with what I was doing on my laptop until the waitress called to ask if I wanted my glass to be filled since I had already emptied it. I managed to smile and make a rewarding remark before she decided to approach another table to render her service to other customers. I love to work in an open space because that gives me an unusual sense of excitement and concentration. I had been known for that since my secondary school days, and it had become one of the primary factors in my career's success.

While I was trying to tend to a message I received on my phone, I heard a very familiar voice call out my name from behind. I had no other choice but to look back, and I was surprised to see her dressed in a very beautiful gown; her hair looked the same, and the smile that got me distracted back in our undergraduate days was still evident.

"Wande! Oh my God! Is this really you?" I couldn't control the excitement as I swiftly stood up to give her an embrace. The hug brought back the wonderful memories we shared several years ago. "You really are looking good as usual, and I can see you have truly made it," she teased. We spoke at length, and it was really amazing to have such a moment with a person I once truly loved, but I wasn't sure if the love had faded.

After some weeks, we decided to rekindle the love we once had for each other because it was very obvious we were so terrible at moving on. Besides, we had always been so fond of our friendship from the onset, and when circumstances set in back then, we lost contact and couldn't go on anymore. "I won't let you go again this time around. I can't experience the emotional turmoil I battled with when you were gone." I stared at her as I confessed how grateful and graced I was to have her back in my life.

She held my hands and looked straight into my eyes, wearing a very beautiful smile. Her dark skin really made her beauty stand out under the influence of the fluorescent lights in my living room. "I am here to stay, and I'm glad you didn't give up on our love. I was selfish, but now I understand how lucky I am to have been given a second chance to right my wrongs. I love you so much," she said as she slid into my arm for an embrace. "I love you too," I replied as I gave her a kiss on the forehead.

After a year, we decided to take our relationship to the next level, but after I proposed to her, Wande was not herself. She was used to talking to herself, and her smile suddenly vanished. Anytime I tried to ask her what the problem was, she would try to brush it off with a fake smile and unrelated gist and all. I was not comfortable anymore, so I had to make her understand how hurtful her silence had become to me. She finally decided to tell me what the matter was.

"I was once proposed to by a man I thought loved me after I traveled out, but the day of the wedding, which ought to have been a very memorable and happy moment, became a sad one. It was later revealed that it was never me he intended to get married to, but the mother of his three kids, whom I knew nothing about." She couldn't fight back the tears that came rushing down her left cheek. I tried to console her and assured her that I would try as much as possible to stay longer to make her the happiest person on earth.

The wedding arrangement was to be done privately with a few of her friends. I explained to her that my best friend was currently outside the country, and I decided to fill in for him on my behalf. I guess she felt that was very strange and funny in a way. Her friends came to visit the night before the wedding to make the necessary arrangements, and I had no idea they would be at her place. So I stopped by to check in on her, but I didn't know that was going to be the end of a romantic journey for Wande. I stomped out when one of her friends exclaimed in shock because it looked like she knew me. "Why now? why tonight?" I held my head so tight as I mumbled those words in disappointment.

I stood outside her window in sadness as I watched Wande struggle to let herself out of the grip of her friends when she was told I had been dead for three years. "No! It can't be! It's not possible!" She wept bitterly as she tried to dial my number several times but could not connect. I appeared to them, but none of them could see me. I was so sad that I was unable to console her. I had to wave her goodbye as I finally disappeared and moved on with the reality that I was truly gone for good.


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