Phillips Tayo 1 year ago

Can A Child Has Sorrow?

A poetical allusion between the transmission between childhood and adulthood stark of relalities upon the existence of human 🚶 life.

Can I be a child again?
In our utter space of kindred,
Worm crept out of my aged nun,
Covered in the fresh blood blot,
Keen woman bred me eventful,
Who can't hear my shrill cry again
When I resumed my baby birth,
Of having not to seek and spent
Of all things entitled sensibility.

Can I be a child again?
Slouch the bestial coverings,
Why worried of the best apparels,
At high prices of magazine post,
If seen then in my baby
I got it at expressionless spirit,
Of my cozy splendor
Now, I am a hit and rock superstar
Now in the heat era of living.

Can I be a child again?
When will
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