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Humans eating humans. We should have never wandered too far....

The floorboards creaked above me; everywhere was pitch black. They are coming for me. I wasn't safe where I was, but I knew better than to run. I could feel the aching pain from my sprained ankle, but I couldn't cry. They may be close. They may hear me. "Baby girl?" One of them called. "Come out…come out wherever you are," a calm voice said in a sing-along. I cringed. Can't believe just some moments ago, Abby thought he was hot and cute. Oh! Bestie. I could smell her blood on me, and the stench felt like needles pricking my skin.

The image of her lifeless body in the slaughtering basement flashed through my eyes. She cried, shouted, and thrashed. Now she is meat in their fridge waiting to be eaten. We had wandered too far. We had gotten lost. It was already dark. We could have called the camp. Then this stranger offered to help. Just for the night, he said. Abby was just too excited with the idea of how cute he looked; she couldn't think straight. I hopelessly followed. Now, I was covered with my best friend's blood, hiding under the stairs. I know they will find me.

"Josh, go get the damn lamp; it's dark in here," The other one said. He was close. I had to hide somewhere else. Immediately. I crawled out and moved around blindly. I tried to be quiet. Pain shot up my head. I banged on something. It must be a door. "Josh, I heard a noise; get the lamp fast," he shouted with urgency and excitement. He couldn't wait to eat me. My heart couldn't beat any faster. They would find me, and then they would...

Hey, what's this! I felt something like a cell phone. Abby's phone. She must have dropped it when she was dragged to the basement. Thank Goodness I knew the password. I opened her phone, and her smiling face was the first thing I saw. Tears clouded my eyes. Those eyes cried blood when her fingers were cut off. Her thick body was stripped naked at the mercy of those cannibals. Her arms and legs were covered with her crimson blood due to the slices they took at her. Her full lips that dripped from...

"Why did it take so much time?" His voice sent thrills over my body. My time was running out. I wiped my tears and called the camp, my hands shaking terribly. It ranged… Once...twice... "Hello?" A lady's voice. Mrs. Brendan. "He…hell...hello," my voice trembled. "Give me the lamp; I go that way; you go the other," He said in a loud but whispering voice. I didn't have much time. I could already see filters of light from the corner close by. I could hear the footsteps, slow and calm. He knew I had nowhere to run. "Hello?" Mrs. Brendan's voice rang again.

"It's me, Abigail; they are coming; they already took Abby" my voice came out choked as tears meandered freely down my bloody face. "Oh my God! Abigail, where are you? We have been looking for both of you. Who is coming? Tell me, where are you?" The light and footsteps were coming. Closer. My time has run out. "T…hey are g…going to ki…ll me. They killed A.b…by. Th…ey eat h…humans. They..." Severe pain shot up my head. Something hit me. They are here. They have found me. I could feel the gush of warm blood soaking my hair. My vision was blurry. My screams were inaudible.

They hit me again. I could hear a crack. Everything was turning black fast, and the last thing I heard was Mrs. Brendan's voice on the phone. "Hello? Hello? Abigail? Are you there?." They found me, and in a few hours, I would be in the freezer with Abby...Waiting to be eaten.

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