Catch That Worm

There is a giant worm on the loose. It is causing great havoc to the future of our world. It must be stopped or else...this worm had a name: Examination Malpractice!

I stepped into educational spheres, hoping to slot in my quota, make a mark in the sands of time, and impact lives that will impact future generations for good. Excitement brimmed over my mind; I was finally going to be able to fulfill my life-long dream, teach, and impart the little or much I have been imparted over the years. But will this dream and excitement linger on? Something scary stares me in the face, daring me to advance; a giant worm. He is intimidating. He is everywhere. The worm is called examination malpractice.

What is exam malpractice? Who is this worm called Examination Malpractice? Examination malpractice can be defined as illegal or improper conduct by a candidate of an examination, aiding teachers, officials of the examination, parents, relatives, friends, or associates of the candidate sitting for the examination in order to pass the exam. There are laid down rules and regulations for the conduct of examinations.

Why should any exam have rules and regulations to guide its conduct at all? The rules, when adhered to, ensure that the candidates involved reproduce the required pieces of knowledge imparted to them during a given learning period to assure the teachers or the assessing parties that learning has taken place. Now, when candidates of an examination and associates flout the rules and regulations that ensure honest reproduction of learned facts, such candidates have carried out examination malpractice, submitting into slavery to an ugly, giant worm who laughs at their foolish choice. The worm’s laughter rings out, and the entire world hears it. Whenever that laugh is heard, the worm has trapped yet another slave or group of slaves.

What are the activities that form examination malpractice? The number is endless, and new ways of submitting to the worm (Examination malpractice) are being formed daily. The following list is just a summary:

- Taking and using books in the examination hall to copy answers.

- Copying answers on sheets of paper and taking them into the examination hall to use during the exam.

- Writing answers on body parts, like on laps and in the alms of the hand.

- Subject teachers or non-participants in the examination go into exam halls to write answers for or dictate answers to candidates.

- Paying money to web hackers to release answers on electronic media (like mobile phones) to the examination candidates.

- Paying money to dubious examination officials to sneak out the question paper and possibly the answers to the examination candidates.

- Parents buy answers to examination questions for their children to make sure they pass.

There is a whole lot more that people do to pass exams. But it must be stated categorically that when you cheat in examinations, even if you end up with distinctions or straight A’s, YOU HAVE FAILED that examination. Passing an examination starts from the character before it reflects on the certificate that shows the grades acquired.

Now, the exam malpractice has earned new titles as a Thief and a Cheat. He or she has submitted to the destructive taskmaster, the worm called Examination Malpractice. There are consequences to face, such as:

- A continuous lack of self-confidence. He or she can never believe in himself. For every examination, he will look out for ‘chips,’ ‘chokes,’ or illegal methods of getting good grades.

- Because he or she is expecting to be helped to pass, he or ill becomes physically and mentally lazy and unable to learn. Such a person will go through life with a dwarfed potential and an un-actualized personality.

- Gradually, his or her conscience dies off, and he will no longer be able to tell the difference between right and wrong. Parents and guardians that encourage such a candidate in exam malpractice will have to deal with the consequences of their wards’ deadened consciences that erupt in the form of thuggery (violent behavior, especially of a criminal nature), armed robbery, prostitution, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement of public funds, outright stealing, and many other associated vices.

- Candidates that are cheats go into all fields of endeavor, including Medicine, Pharmacy, Education, Architecture, and engineering. With the non-confident and dubious character, what kind of professionals are being produced? They will not care what happens to whom. Such a doctor will care less who dies from what illness or mishap. Such an Architect or Engineer will not mind whether buildings or constructions under his care are fortified or not. A dubious Pharmacist will care less that fake and substandard drugs are circulating in the community freely, ending lives. A teacher with a non-existent conscience will not shy away from molding his students in his likeness. Whether the learners are being impacted positively is not the concern of such a teacher.

And the educational and moral decadence weaved by the giant worm sinks into the very roots of society, going on to beget higher levels of societal decay. New generations inherit worse situations only to pass on a successive terrible state of affairs to the succeeding generation.

I stand against this giant worm! I have already taken up my battle armor. I am running into the battlefield with a war song… down with the giant worm, exam malpractice! Who dares to step into his or her armor and chant the war song with me, fight and defeat this villain? 

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