Celebrating The Sucessful Merchant


"Success is often achieved by those who believe failure is inevitable"(Coco Chanel), a case study of Chief Mathew Oladeni Omikunle, an achiever and great man per excellence whose success serves as a reference point for the upcoming generation and the entire society at Large. Despite the fact that Baba didn't have the opportunity to see the four walls of the classroom, he still surpasses his peers and contemporaries, who even strive for the highest academic feats. Born in the famous compound (ILE MAJESIN) in the Ilado Area of Iseyin. He was born poor, but Baba Omo Omo, as he was fondly called by friends and colleagues, change has a Midas touch and change the story of his family and the entire society at large; he proves doubter wrong with his achievement and success in the business world cannot be undermined. He overtook and surpassed most business tycoons in the vicinity.

"A Clever Person solves a problem" (Aristotle); the greek scholar quote can be attributed to Baba Omo Omi; Baba is wise, he is brilliant, he is bold, he is successful, he is religious and pious. It seems when God created him, he bestowed all qualities and characteristics human beings have to possess to survive in this world. Since his sojourn into business in the early 1950s, he has carved a niche in every business he has engaged in by achieving a lot and serving as a trail blazer for the upcoming generation.

If my memory serves me correctly, Baba Omo Omi is not only a successful businessman. Hadn't I had the opportunity to give Baba a title, the title I will choose to add to his successful name and initial is by calling him "EMERITUS PROFESSOR' he deserves it a lot; he is straightforward and not that type of rich and successful who engages in dubious means to achieve their aims and objectives.

In furtherance of the business acumen, Baba possesses, his didactic character is second to none. Despite the fact that Baba Omo Omi is always busy doing something, you also see him with the little time he has attending to people and solving a lot of conflict issues within the community and the entire town at Large. Without mincing words together, calling him a kingmaker is not a mistake; flashback to 1978 when the Iseyin people were planning to install a new Aseyin of Iseyin after the demise of the former monarch. He contributed a lot to the appointment of a new king then, Oba Osuolale Wuraola Adeyeri; he was also part of the committee that raised funds and contributed their resources to make the reign of the king meritorious and joyous for the sake of the entire people of Iseyin Land.

Baba Omi, you are already a cradle of light and triumph for us; God has already elevated you and will continue elevating you by God's Grace. Baba, your remaining years on health will be far better than the past years you have lived on Earth. Long life and prosperity in good health Baba, age with copious Grace.

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