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Change remains the only escape option from a cage of rage;Rage is a slow poison that grows with age;

Change remains the only escape option from a cage of rage.
Rage is a slow poison that grows with age.

Age is a determinant that qualifies a range.
Range is a boundary that introduces a new page.

Page is a new section that unfolds a new stage.
Stage is the predicted level a person has or will attain, but sometimes it could be sabotaged.

Sabotaged in the sense that the particular activity exhibited in that stage resulted in carnage.

And that's why the only constant entity on earth is change.
Yes it is what differenciates one individual from another.

Oh yes even what differenciates Humans from God .
For although everything and everyone changes, yet God remains unchangeable.

But then its nothing to be sad about, here is the good news.
Change could be channeled towards a positive direction, depending on what you are willing to risk. Yes you heard me right, it certainly does not come on a platter of gold .

There are sacrifices to make, 
adjustments to make, 
 and relationships to disconnect.
 But if done right the result will certainly be worth it. Yes if only done right .
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