Characteristic Of A Christian

The bible is the manual of life. It shows us that the name Christianity originated for the first time in history among Christ believers in Antioch, that is where Christ-followers were named Christians, and the reason was that their character, behavior, and way of doing things emulated Jesus Christ himself (Acts11:26), hence Christianity means to be Christ-like.

John1:12 says that as many as received Him, to them gave He the power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe in His name. Here the bible is talking about what is called *new birth* or *regeneration*. New birth simply comes as a result of an individual that truly accepts and receives Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. Many say God only considers the inward man, not the outward. That's wrong. Every acts and word emanate from the heart. God considers both inward and outward conduct in terms of holiness. You cannot claim to be born again, yet there's no definite change in you, and there's no difference between you and sinners whereas, 2Corinthians5:17 clearly stated thus 👉 Therefore if any man is in Christ, *he is a new creature*: old things are passed away; behold, *all things become new.*

Before Saul of Tarsus met Christ, he was a murderer, but when he was born again, he became a saint. Why? Because things changed! When you become a Christian, things change. If you were a liar, you become honest; if you were a fornicator/adulterer, you start maintaining sexual purity; if you were living a sinful life, you start living a saintful life - a holy life. The bible says if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature. In other words, you start to adopt a godly nature through the new birth. Your emotions, imaginations, actions, and desires are totally different compared to the time you were still in the world.

*Characteristics of a true Christian*📍

The bible says, by their fruit shall you know them, and also not every one that saith Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of God, but the one who does God's will (Matthew7:20-21). So this scripture reveals that not everyone who calls himself a Christian is truly one. That's why we need to discover the truth among the false bunch. I believe by the end of this teaching, you will know whether you are one or not. If not, make your ways right before the Lord immediately because the next second may be too late. Stop living in deception/falsehood. Hiding under, I'm a committed church worker, a pastor, an evangelist, I'm still very young, etc.

The journey of being a true Christian begins with character. We know Christian through the character that they display. Actually, the character is the real version of oneself. Now, the character is not a gift but a victory. What takes a man or a woman of God very far in life is not the great spiritual gifts they possess but their character. To justify my explanation, Samson was born with a great gift and powerful anointing to overcome the enemies of Israel. The gift upon his life was very powerful that he could defeat one thousand Philistines all alone, destroying them with just a jaw of a mule. He could pull the gates of Gazza under the anointing. That anointing could have gone very far if not because of the lack of character and discipline. 

Samson had a weakness, he was weak with women, and he could not discipline himself sexually with the opposite sex; as a result, he slept with prostitutes. Do you know what they did? They delivered him to his enemies, and that was the end of his ministry and influence. That's the same problem with young men and women; though they are mightily gifted, they don't have the character, and as a result, they don't last.

Experientially, l can boldly say, it's wise for people to first work on their Christian character before chasing their gifts. What's most important is character. Even in churches, while ministers count membership, God only counts character. What makes a church beautiful? Isn't the magnificent or beautifully decorated building and great advertisements? NO. The beauty of the church is the character of the people in the church. Now, there's this religious organization l love so much; I've been following from a distance since 2015, and I've been contemplating becoming their member. Recently, God miraculously brought me very close to the organization and some of its members. To be honest, what I'm seeing in those members(both young and old) isn't encouraging at all. As such, l couldn't join the organization. 

They keep inviting me for their programs; the last time l had to tell the person inviting me - teach your members to display the character of Christ as that is the greatest advertisement/publicity... Know that Satan does not fear people that attend church regularly. Rather, he starts fearing when people start to look like Christ. How? Through their character! Hence, God in his house has vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor (2Timothy2:20). Christians with good character make God proud as He did in the case of Job (Job1:8). *Q;* Before l rest my case, as a Christian *How is Your Public as well as Secret character?* especially 'behind close doors?'.

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