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Children Are Not Robots

Children are not robots: Why do some parents treat their children like they are robots?

They want and expect them to agree with whatever they are told or decisions made for them without any complaints like they don't have a mind of their own. Some parents don't even bother to find out from their children if there is anything they like or their preferences. They would wave them off because they believe that only their input matter and that whatever the child says is nonsense.

They also invalidate their children's feelings. Your child will tell you about something you did that hurt them deeply, and instead of reevaluating the issue and apologizing where necessary, you call them silly for talking and tag them disrespectful for telling you that you offend them. Are they not humans with feelings? Can't they be tired, sad, angry, or hurt?. Why is it so hard to say sorry and admit that you are wrong? Being a parent doesn't automatically make you always right and perfect. Yes! YOU CAN OFFEND YOUR CHILDREN and YOUR CHILDREN HAVE THE RIGHT TO FEEL HURT. Why do you expect them to swallow their displeasure when the whole street would hear your complaints whenever you are wronged?

Little things you do that push your children away from you. And years later you complain to people that your children refuse to come home or visit. When you make them uncomfortable and make them feel scared of expressing themselves in your presence? Childhood is the most fragile phase of a person's life because it gives you your personality and makes you stand out in the world. If your childhood was filled with fights and quarrels, it affects you mentally. If your childhood was filled with love and happiness, it affects you mentally.

Most Nigerian parents are oblivious to the emotional and mental part of training a child, all they know is the Bible verse that says spare the rod, spoil the child. (But they forget or choose to ignore the verse that says parents do not provoke your children to anger) They don't care about anything else, all they know is as long as you do something bad, they will curse you to no end, carry a cane, and flog you till they see blood. They subject children to abuse and trauma and the ones with weak fortitude commit suicide or grow to become damaged adults.

And the most annoying part is how they brag about how they were treated worse while growing up so their children don't have the right to complain. So being treated like an animal is something to be proud to say and transferred to your children? You tell them to let go of the past and stop taking things to heart but you can explain clearly and in detail how you were badly treated when you were a child. If it's so easy to forget why can't you forget? Why do the memories still haunt you now? You even know the date and time and have narrated it multiple times to anybody who cares to listen but you ask your child why they are still bothered by their past? Come on, are you being logical and realistic? Your children are not robots without feelings so why do you expect them to behave like one?

Stop raising damaged, mentally scarred, emotionally broken adults. Free your mind from such an archaic mindset that using corporal punishment on your child is the only way to train them.

Do better.

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