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Children On The Streets

How we leave children on their own...Yesterday as I was off to go to work, I saw some children parading the streets.

Yesterday as I was off to go to work, I saw some children parading the streets. A quick thought raced through my mind; it was how carelessly these children were left to fate. I wouldn't talk less about intentionality when it comes to parenting and childbearing and raring.

A few weeks ago, some petty thieves were 'caught and burnt' in simple terms of it. The factors that could lead to situations like that are endless but not unpredictable after I saw the movie 'Brotherhood'; I came to know that I was not the only one probably thinking as I was- How one incident or experience could create two different mindsets in two different individuals.

I would always mull over children born in society and think of the possibility of a cut-out purpose for them, if there was ever any consciousness imbibed in them that there was a purpose to live, then being born, growing up, and surviving. I remembered how I saw children not more than 15 yrs of age staring at the burnt bodies of these supposed thieves. Some children were even present when these individuals were mobbed.

These are children whose mindsets should still be shaped in a positive light, but we live in a society where we recycle violence, then produce hard-up and indurate children who become threats to society. This happens because the conscience, which should be nurtured, stays around places where their consciences are severed.

Children pick up things very quickly, even when we think they do not. Leaving them out in the streets and leaving them to wander about exposes them to the danger of picking up things they should not.

We should be more intentional about child rearing and nurture.





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