Choose To Work Smart

In our daily activities we make decisions that affect our lives. The choices we make go a long to determine what we can achieve.

Life is simple, but life can be very complex and complicated, and there are choices to make at very important transitions in our lives, and those choices have a great impact on the consequences of our lives.

 You’re who you are because of the choices you have made so far. If you don’t like your life now, don’t just pray about it; change your actions and change your decisions. If you don’t change, you can pray all you want to be that your life will still be where you don’t want it to be. 

What I am going to do is to try to help to deposit in the hand tools that will help you navigate your life and put your life on the part of success.

Often, people are encouraged to work hard in order to achieve success. Hard-working people are always loved and admired by many. But most of these hard workers ended up not achieving success. He was a hard worker. How come his life had turned out differently? Some may query. 

In this new month, as you set out to work hard in order to achieve your goals, there are two things I want you to know about hard work. 

1. Hard work is not equivalent to productivity. You may be a hard worker, but you’re not productive. 

2. Hard work is not equivalent to efficiency. Most hard workers are not efficient. 

James was a hard worker and a skillful hunter. Hunting is a strenuous job that requires strength. Every day he ran after antelopes, gazelles, and grass cutters. Yet he wasn’t successful. Hard work is good, but hard work without wisdom can be a punishment for your body. 

But there was another young man called John, a man of the tent as he was called. He was not a hard worker, yet he was successful because he knew that hard work was not equivalent to productivity. He was a smart worker. Instead of running after antelopes and gazelles every day, he chose to catch the animals, male and female. Kept them, nurtured them, and they reproduced, and he had more than enough. Whereas James used strength to produce, John used wisdom to produce. 

Smart workers are more productive than hard workers. This November, don’t be a hard worker, be a smart worker. 

Be a star; feel the glow.


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