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CHOOSE YOUR WORDS: Your Child Is Not The Problem, Your Words Are The Problem...

With the increasing expectation of parents from their children in our ever-changing world. A lot of effort has been made by parents to make sure their children become the best they can be. Although this might be seen as an effort of parents towards the good of their children, in reality, it is just a selfish desire which is geared toward their ego being massaged.

What a child becomes or believes he can become is usually shaped by the words of their parents in their formative stage. A child who has been fed with a whole lot of negativities and often compared with his peers grows to suffer from low self-esteem. A child who is always scolded ends up losing the boldness to attempt anything worthwhile. He is crippled by the fear of being scolded again. He spends a chunk of his life trying to avoid being scolded.

The words we speak as parents have a great effect on our children. Whether it was said out of anger or whatnot does not excuse its effect. It transcends beyond time and crystallizes in their subconscious. Creating a healthy environment of choicest words contributes to how children see themselves and how they assess their worth in the world they find themselves in.

Parents in a bid to spur their children to be better dabble into the mistake of comparing them with their peers. Every child is unique and must be raised uniquely. Though a parent might have three children, attempting to raise them the same way is already an attack on their unique characteristics. How each child responds to words varies and we must be careful to choose our words as we address each of our children haven discerned their unique characteristics.

For effective and efficient parenting, generalization must be done away with. A child's uniqueness is an advantage that we must learn how to draw from as parents. What your child becomes is not the child's problem but a product of the words you feed them with.

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