Citation Of An Iconic Personality

This is a true-life story of a young man who has done greatly as a Student Union Leader. This story will blow your mind.

Years ago, in the renowned citadel of learning located North of the Sahara, South of the Limpopo, East of the Equator, and West of the Mahaha in the ancient city of Zazzau — the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, a "black child" whose dream was to get the knowledge of the whites was granted provisional admission to study and learn the theories and ways of the white man. 

This black child with an auspicious zeal to achieve his goals dedicated his time and energy effortlessly to attaining that which has brought him down to the largest learning citadel in sub-Saharan Africa. His zeal kept him soaring. He began to socialize with people of different cultures, beliefs, values, norms, and traditions other than his; that way, he learned to live with these people and learn their way of life. 

Socializing helped the young black child identify some basic problems of society, problems between man and his environment, i.e., leadership. Then, he became curious about bringing forth a solution to this problem. His curiosity directed him towards being an object of solution to that which he seeks. The young black child took it upon himself as a responsibility to be an agent of positive change in his immediate environment and the world at large. 

He began leadership from the smallest unit he had, which was amongst his friends, friends from different cultures. He gradually became a tool for peacemaking and unity enhancement. Along the way, his personality started speaking for him even before he uttered a word. He became leadership personified. He is outspoken, visionary, intelligent, humble, and respectable. Led by the words of a great man, "the children of the poor must flourish," he wants to make society better. 

He decided to extend his leadership to the faculty level; his faculty is the largest in the varsity; fortunately, he emerged after a brief contest. That day was the beginning of the Black child setting a standard in the lineage of leadership.

He gave it his best shot as he bears the mantle of leadership in his faculty. Wielding a leadership status in his faculty made him popular with the same personality that he has been known for — leadership personified. Years later, he was projected as the student head of the great learning citadel (Ahmadu Bello University) in Zazzau. It was a bold step for him as lots of the students were happy about his decision and gave their unreserved support. This time, it was a more rigorous contest as seven (7) others stood against him in the race, but that didn't discourage him as he believed "what would be, will be." It was a great quest that required a great sacrifice of time, energy, and resources. It was tough through this path as the black child was faced with some challenges beyond his expectations; in all, he scaled through. 

The black child eventually emerged as the winner after an electoral process conducted by the authorities. He was inaugurated as the President of the learning citadel named after the Sardauna. 

It was a dream come true that left the black child with the question, "How do I solve the problems of the Yan Makaranta ABU? The black child believes in carrying people along, and as such, he decides to make delegations based on one's ability to help solve a particular problem. This had helped him in the smooth run of his government to an extent, but it wasn't a hitch-free journey as challenges kept posing; regardless, the black child scaled through the obstacles and always brought hope to the people when they were about to lose it. 

Upon his inauguration, he began programs that are educative to students and beneficial to them financially, socially, and academically, such as — Leadership Summit, Entrepreneurship and Acquisition Programs, etc. In his quest to promote unity amongst the students who have come from different parts of the country with different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs, he organized a Cultural Carnival, which was one of its kind in the entire northern region and was a renowned event. 

He played perfectly as the Sarkin Yan Makaranta ABU (King of ABU students); students from different cultural entities displayed and portrayed their culture while they were massively watched, and learning of diverse cultural ways was equally taking place. This brought the entire Yan Makaranta together, and they enjoyed this moment happily together. The black child was praised for giving the students an opportunity to ease their stress and muse happily regardless of the campus quagmire. The Black child feels a sense of fulfillment; he is happy that the students were happy for an act taken by him. 

He didn't stop there; he wants to be remembered, not just by the current students but by the generation of students to come. He wrote his name on the ABU Golden Plaque by constructing a beautiful and conducive garden at the Kongo campus and providing three new tricycles to ease transportation for students around the campuses. This "Black Child" is AMBASSADOR JIBRIL IDRIS KAWUJE — THE ABU-SRC EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT 2021-2023, CHAIRMAN G19 2022- date, SARKIN DALIBAI MAKARANTA AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY. Jibril Idris Kawuje is an eminent brother, friend, and mentor whose leadership skills and techniques I consider highly emulable.

Congratulations, leader, on the successful completion of your tenure as the ABU-SRC PRESIDENT and on your graduation from this prestigious heritage. I wish you success in all your future pursuits; soar high, my leader, and may God keep blessing you in wisdom, good health, longevity, and prosperity. 

©Uthman Umar Ojonugwa 2023.

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