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Clutches Of The Devil

"Will you make a deal with the devil to end it all?"... "Accept my soul and you shall forget"His voice echoed in the silent night. Bats' calls could be heard from afar. " It's a deal"Her voice came out sharp and strong ending the silence with thunder. The year 2035...

A girl whimpers on the cold metal ground. Stuck in a deep sleep state. Her breath is coming out of her pants. A sharp cry erupted from her mouth, pulling her awake. She forced her feet up, confusion dancing in her eyes. "W-where am I?"Her voice came out rough, like she hadn't spoken in years. Her temple was burning with heat as the sweat rolled down her face. She tried wiping her forehead, but her hand couldn't move. She looked down at herself. Her hands were tied to her back in the sleeves of her gown. She was clad in a white gown, its sleeves tied to the back, caging her hands. Her feet were empty and cold on the metal floor.

She looked around her, looking for a door, but there was none. She felt claustrophobic. "Let me out!!!"She kept banging on the metal wall, her screams echoing in the space. No doors, No windows. She was stuck in a metal room, caged like an animal, with only a bright light from the roof shining down on her. "Welcome back, E205, "A voice echoed aloud in the small space buzzing in her ear. She shut her eyes, scared, and popped them open, searching for where the sound came from. "W-w-who said that?"She asked, fearful, looking around her. "Please don't worry and listen to us. "The voice echoed on the walls again.

"W-where am I?"Her voice cracked. "You're in StarForce Lab."The voice said again. "H-how can you see me? Please let me out." she pleaded, searching for who she was speaking with. "The light has a camera attached to it. You can't be let out till the experiment is complete," The voice said again. " W-what experiment?"She asked, scared. "We ask the questions E205" "What is your name?"The voice asked again. She tried recalling her name, anything but all her mind could project was a blank empty space. "I-i don't know," she stuttered. "Do you know what year it is?" "N-no," her voice came out softly.

"Do you remember how you got here?" it asked again. "I already said no!"She screamed. The light burst, leaving her in darkness. She closed her eyes, scared." H-hello?" she called out in the dark empty space."Calm down, E205. Your anger is dangerous" Colorful lights lighten in the confined space with no direct source. "We need you to remember what you did" "I-i don't understand..." she felt confused and lost. " What are you?" "I-i don't know," she replied softly. "Who is in you?" " Who gave you those powers?" " Why did you kill them?" " 3000 massacred in your hands. Who are you?"

The questions kept coming and coming buzzing in her head. She shut her eyes, scared as her feet gave out, and she fell to the floor whimpering. Her sobs echoed in the space. "I don't know. I don't know. I don't know," she kept mumbling. It suddenly became quiet, and the voice stopped speaking. 'Whatever they do to you, don't remember!'Her mind spoke to her. "W-w-who are you?" she asked aloud. Her body was small on the floor as she rolled herself into a ball. 'I am you. I will protect your mind replied. "E205, "The speaker's voice came again. "Y-yes?" she replied, scared. " In 10 seconds, some sounds will be played. It has been modified and reset to help you remember. Listen to it. Don't block it out, "The voice spoke. 'no! block your ears now!'The voice in her mind spoke."I can't. M-my hands are tied," she whimpered.

The sound blared into the confined space. It kept buzzing with vibrating glitches. Her ears felt hot. She pushed herself to a corner. A mixed record of 3 sounds played in the room. (Devil doesn't bargain+Elastic heart+In the stars. With glitches of 'remember' echoing in the mix.) Its vibration was so loud that she whimpered. "Make it stop!" she screamed, trying to pull her hands out. "REMEMBER!"The speaker's voice sprang out. "This sound has been modified and tested. You need to let it work!"The voice spoke. "'don't!' her mind cautioned her. It was so loud that the metal wall was vibrating. Her ears began bleeding. With force she didn't know she hard, she pulled her hands out, tearing her cloth.

She covered her ears with her hands. The vibration and sound traveled through her system. She could feel her subconscious trying to let something out to her mind. 'don't let it!' the voice in her head spoke. She listened to it, forcing it down. "Remember! Why did you kill them? Who are you?" The questions kept coming on repeat over and over again. Her eyes began bleeding as her fingers vibrated. She forced herself on her feet and scratched the metal wall. The sound is screeching along with the music. "STOP IT! NOW!"Her voice became deeper. Her eyes were fierce as they burned through the camera. "WHO ARE YOU?"The speaker's voice asked loudly. The sound of the music increased.

She fell to the floor, clutching her knees. "Who are you!!?" it asked again. "WILLOW!!" her screams echoed in the confined space. Her body began shaking. 'no!!' her mind screamed. Her body fell limp as her mind became calm. The voice in her head seized as she recalled it all. All she did. "I killed them, "her voice came out soft. The music stopped. "Every last one in that crusade," she cried out. "Why?"The voice asked. " T-the voice in my head, it told me to," she replied. "How did it get there?" " I made a deal with the devil," her soft voice echoed in the space. Her cheeks were covered in her tears. "Why?" "He promised to make me forget," she whimpered. "Forget what?"

" My past. "Her voice rang in the space."Congratulations, E205, or should I say, Willow? You will be let out in ten seconds" " Queen! Queen!" " Queen?"She stared at the empty space, confused. " Wake up, joor!" Her eyes popped open. She found herself on her bed, confused as he elder sister stood beside her. "You have been sleeping since morning" "Was it all a dream?" she turned down the voice of her sister and asked herself. "No E205. You won; this is your second chance."The voice rang in her room. Her eyes widened as she stared at her sister. "Did you hear that?" she asked her. "Hear what?" her sister asked, confused. " Nothing let's go," she replied and got up from her bed. "Thank you," She mumbled to the empty space, a small smile on her face.

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