Common Sense As Regards Marital Settlement

It is true that the overall population of women in the world exceeds that of men. It is also true that "husbands" are scarce, and many women are fighting so hard to secure a man they can call their own. Yes, the ratio might be 5:1! But then, have you forgotten what the Scriptures declare? "... NONE SHALL LACK HER MATE!" (Isa. 34:16)

Dear daughter of Zion, why are you so restless about finding a man when God has prepared one for you? All you need do is relax and trust Him completely. Soon, He will cause your paths to cross."Man na man," "Men are polygamous in nature," "Woman no get religion," "98% of men are cheats"... All these are lies from the pit of hell! If that man doesn't love your JESUS, then you should have no business with him! In fact, there is no need to pray whether or not it's God's will. If a man cannot learn to respect you, then he must be avoided.

If, in your desperation to get married, you're enduring that abusive relationship, then I'm afraid; you want to dig your grave before it is time. Your reason for getting married shouldn't be based on the fact that all your friends are married... God's schedule for your life is different. But while you're waiting, what are you doing with your life? Have you discovered your Purpose yet? Or is your life on "pause" waiting for a man to push the "play" button? 

You may be afraid that time is running out, but hey! The GOD we serve is the God of Times and Seasons. He is bigger than time itself! If He could do it for others, He will do it for you too. You don't have to lose your FAITH and your wonder all in your quest to get married. Baby girl, please don't let your reasons go on vacation. God is intentional about you!



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