"confess Your Faults One To Another"

Ogechi did not run out in excitement to greet her father when he returned home, as was her wont. She did not even move an inch from where she was seated in the living room, staring with her hands on her jaw at the black TV. And when he entered the living room, she muttered a greeting and sighed. James was worried when he noticed his daughter's moodiness. He felt very uneasy; his mind ran through a lot of possibilities in a second. Ogechi was a beautiful and vibrant teenager; she was seldom quiet and was never seen without a smile. People said she took after her mother, Franka's character, and her father's physique.

James wanted to find out what was wrong with her, but it was futile. Ogechi just locked up, which surprised him the more. He was already tired after having a long day, so he decided to rest; they'd sought whatever it was out later. He stretched on the bed after freshening up and eating but could not fall asleep. He was terribly shaking. He just hopes what he is thinking is not what is happening, or else, what could go wrong with his only child?

He had made sure she had the best life. He trained her in the way of the Lord from when she was born. He was a strong disciplinarian and ensured his child was nothing less. She was never allowed to go out; she was always under his watch the few times he stayed at home. He wished he had more time with his family, but work and his services in church and other Christian organizations would not let him do that. He was a brother who served the Lord faithfully. Franka was not any better; she worked two weeks on and one week off.

James decided to check on Wisdom since he could not sleep. He heard him pray as he got closer to the lodged room. His chest tightened. Wisdom was his covenant brother. They had known each other in the campus fellowship at the university. They did almost everything together and had no secrets amongst them. They helped each other stand in trying times and overcome temptations. They also made sure their academics did not suffer.

Wisdom had asked to use his house for a personal retreat some days ago. He was not comfortable with the idea; he could not trust anyone with his daughter. But he could not turn him down, not after all they've shared all these years. Besides, he saw it as an opportunity to catch up with good old times and encourage him to get a wife. James returned to the living room. Ogechi was still there. He looked at her quietly. If he could not trust anyone around his daughter, he should trust his daughter around anyone for at least a few days.

"Have you eaten anything?" He asked her. She nodded affirmatively. "So what's the matter with the face?" He questioned further. "Nothing," she replied. James was getting pissed up; It was already late in the evening. "Close all the windows and curtains, then see me in my room immediately," James ordered. Franka returned when Ogechi was almost done with the windows. Ogechi greeted her and carried her bags to the room. James was very happy to see her. They prayed together and began gisting about recent happenings on both ends. Then they went to Ogechi's issue.

"So what did you say is wrong with you?" Franka asked. They kept pressing on her to talk, but she was adamant and would not say anything. James even threatened not to send her to the university, but she kept saying she was okay. "Who did you see today?" James asked. He was tired of beating about the bush, so he began asking direct questions. "You people and bro. Wisdom," she responded. "You went to his room?!" James asked; he was alarmed, and his chest tightened the more. "Calm down," Franka said to him.

"I did not go to his room," Ogechi responded, feeling slightly irritated. "So does this quietness have anything to do with him? What happened?" James asked again. "I was in the lobby when he saw me, then he..." Ogechi lost her voice; she looked like she was scared of saying the other part. "Whaaaat!?" James sprang. "Let her finish naw" Franka said "No way, Franka, no way! Take her to the hospital; I will handle this myself," James left them.

It was already late, but Franka just had to obey her husband. While they were gone, James called the police and arrested Wisdom without any confrontation. Wisdom was shocked, he was trying to explain to James, but he wasn't listening. James thought of his family; it was too late already, so they would spend the night at the hospital. He thought he had acted on impulse, and everything was happening faster than he could control. Franka was sad when they returned the next day to find out that Wisdom had been arrested. Ogechi, from a medical examination, was perfectly fine. She called the pastor and told him all that had happened. So the pastor went to see Wisdom in prison.

Wisdom was traumatized, humiliated and disappointed. " I caught Ogechi in the lobby trying to hide something when I went to get water. Normally, I would mind my business, but I was led to find out what it was. It was a sex toy. I spoke to her concerning fleshly lust and its devastating consequences and prayed with her before returning. I don't know what she told her dad; I don't just understand what happened..." Wisdom broke down in tears. The pastor held him and let him cry freely. He offered him his handkerchief and began to encourage him. Wisdom felt better and thanked him. The pastor promised to see James and get him out of prison too.

James went to see the pastor in a church that day. The pastor was concerned to know why he believed Wisdom molested his daughter, not whether he actually did or did not. James narrated back to their campus days. "Bro, Wisdom was always lusting after sisters in fellowship. We were encouraged to be open with the brethren about our weaknesses, "confess your faults one to another," they would say. I noticed lust in him because we were very close and offered to help him." James continued

"We prayed about it together. He also cut any close ties with a sister and avoided them completely. But during that period, it was not easy for him; a young girl visited him and seduced him until he gave in. It was difficult to return to the faith after that experience, but he tried. Although he has shown evidently the fruits of repentance since then, I can trust him with all others except my daughter."

What do you think about James?


Elechi O.

11 Sept. '22

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